Cryptocurrency trading on a machine with Autocrypto Bot

Good money is earned on the Internet only by those who work hard. Technology does not stand still, there are different bots that can automate the work. In particular, the trade in cryptocurrency, which now make a decent profit. Traders rely on indicators and signals, apply strategies, all this can be done by a robot.

Earnings on the machine - the trading robot offers a unique algorithm with settings. The project is foreign, translated into several languages, including Russian. Understand the interface under the force of each novice. Automate the resale of cryptocurrency and earn income without doing anything.

Cryptocurrency trading on a machine with Autocrypto Bot

Robot Autocrypto Bot - passive earnings

Over 2 years of work, the project managed to receive 3 international awards and attracted over 70,000 users. Free registration is limited to all regions, and the average yield is 85%. Despite the simplicity of investing in automated trading, we will still provide you with some instructions.

There are several ways to make money in this niche. One of the most interesting and profitable ones is cryptocurrency arbitrage.

The developers of Autocrypto Bot offer an innovative algorithm that can increase depositors' money. For this, various cryptocurrencies are bought and sold automatically. There is a constant monitoring of offers on the stock exchanges, ideal moments are selected for short-term operations .

Cryptocurrency trading on a machine with Autocrypto Bot

Every day, the website publishes the results of completed transactions (you can see the data separately by months). Transparent work is one of the advantages of the bot over its counterparts. Due to the thoughtful code of the robot, the yield did not fall below 75%, the reviews on Autocrypto Bot are only positive.

How is trading conducted and forecasts are made by the bot?

Transactions are conducted fully automatically. After replenishing the account, the user activates Auto Trading and monitors the statistics of the actions of the robot. At choice, he is offered to use the most popular strategies:

  1. Classic - transactions are conducted for the minimum amount, the best technique with a small deposit.
  2. Martingale - after an unsuccessful transaction, the bet amount doubles and continues until a profit is received. In this case, select the minimum rate and it all starts over.
  3. Fibonacci is a similar tactic, only it lasts 2 losing bets, after which the amount of the bet increases.

A beginner can use the classic strategy, the rest should be used only with a large starting capital. As for forecasts, the bot relies on signals received from the tested indicators:

  • TREND;
  • RSI;
  • STOCH;
  • CCI;
  • MACD;

Each of them has long been used in classic trading. Of course, trading by indicators does not guarantee 100% profitability, but some newcomers are better to trust such tips than make their own predictions. Only because of the lack of necessary knowledge, they can not achieve good results.

Registration Autocrypto Bot

When you visit the site, there will be a "Registration" button at the top, and a form will appear on the main page where you need to enter your data. Use any of the options to open an account:

Cryptocurrency trading on a machine with Autocrypto Bot

Specify the real data, mail is checked by sending a verification code. Immediately to replenish the balance is not necessary, after passing the registration, you can log in in demo mode and evaluate the work of the bot.

Deposit to Autocrypto Bot

Some of the functions will not be available without depositing funds, including the inclusion of auto trading. When you log into your personal account, you will immediately be offered to make a deposit. You can also do this by clicking on the button, under your balance:

Cryptocurrency trading on a machine with Autocrypto Bot

The account is replenished through popular brokers. In the section with the appropriate name, you can open new accounts, top up the balance or order withdrawals:

Cryptocurrency trading on a machine with Autocrypto Bot

Depending on your region, the list of brokers will vary. The minimum and maximum amounts are set by the broker. In some cases, you may need to verify the identity of the withdrawal.

Robot Setup Autocrypto Bot

Do not rush to turn on auto trading, because first you need to configure the bot. For this, the "Settings" section presents various options. Even an inexperienced trader can set the necessary settings:

Cryptocurrency trading on a machine with Autocrypto Bot

Unlike many analogs, AutoCryptoBot is configured. There are not so many parameters, but some of them allow the trader to set his own strategy .

  1. The trading system is a choice of strategy, we briefly described each of them at the beginning of the article.
  2. Risk - are you a conservative or risky investor? Decide for yourself.
  3. Investment in a transaction - the minimum amount to complete a transaction.
  4. Profit / Investment - by how much the asset for a transaction should increase in price.
  5. Max. The number of transactions - how many transactions will be carried out for the selected time.
  6. Signals - select a time span for receiving prompts.
  7. Asset - with which cryptocurrencies will transactions be conducted.
  8. Indicators - choose where exactly to receive signals for transactions.

To set the parameters correctly, go to the "Statistics" page and subscribe to the newsletter. It sends and other interesting information.

The number of cryptocurrencies available for automatic transactions depends on which broker has an account.

Play with the settings, some newbies don't come here at all. Customize the bot under your trading strategy and remember that the risks here are so high.

Automated cryptocurrency trading with Autocrypto Bot

In demo mode, you can see how it works. When autotrading is activated, the robot starts working, you need to leave the browser window open. It shows the balance and keeps statistics of the transactions:

Cryptocurrency trading on a machine with Autocrypto Bot

When you close the browser window, the transaction history is cleared and uncompleted transactions are closed. You don’t need to do anything at all, just sit and watch how the score increases on your balance.

Reviews of Autocrypto Bot

The project is working stably, a huge audience already uses the bot and earns. Judging by the number of reviews on the Runet, it seems that they are mostly foreigners. Having visited many sites, forums and other sites, we managed to find only short and positive reviews:

Cryptocurrency trading on a machine with Autocrypto Bot

On the official website, statistics have been conducted since October 2017. According to it, it is possible to draw conclusions about how profitable it is to use a robot for trading cryptocurrency. At the very least, Autocrypto Bot is definitely not a divorce, and you can be sure of this even if you make the minimum deposit.

Investments in cryptocurrency trading are relevant now, but you cannot earn money on trading if you do not have a baggage of knowledge. Therefore, it is better for some beginners to trust the bot, than to try to make a correct forecast. The Autocrypto Bot project solves a serious problem and offers passive income, join, it surpasses all analogues in terms of profitability.

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