Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

When it comes to cryptocurrency, most Bitcoin users immediately come to the head of most users. This is not the only cryptographic currency, it is full of analogues, which also thrive and add to the price.

If someone wants to make money in this niche, he simply has to consider different altcoins.

The Ripple Cryptocurrency (XRP) is an undervalued coin that has risen 10 times in price in just a month.

Its first rise was observed as early as March-April 2017, while experts began to actively discuss forecasts for 2018, but few made them right, because this currency differs from the usual Bitcoin and other analogues.

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

Ripple (Ripple) - Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP)

The Ripple company appeared in 2012, but then nobody heard about it. The development team worked on the creation of an alternative currency that could be used for settlement by banks.

Of course, ordinary users could also use tokens, but the main focus was on financial institutions.

Looking ahead we will present our Ripple forecasts for 2018. In the first half of the year, the rate should rise to at least $ 5, and in the second half, quotes should reach $ 8.

In general, Ripple is not much different from analogs, and you can just buy, sell, change coins. Coins are protected at a cryptographic level.

Emission is fixed, tokens are distributed over the internal private network. Translated from English, the word Ripple is a ripple on water, so its millionth part is called a drop.

Today the capitalization of Ripp's currency exceeds 72 billion dollars, it is one of the most popular altcoins.

The algorithm used by the cryptocurrency is somewhat different from the Bitcoin network. These distinctive features make tokens more secure from hacking.

In 2013, the OpenCoin currency was created, which was later renamed Ripple.

Many interesting things happened in the history of cryptocurrency development. For example, when one of the founders left the company, appropriating billions of coins. But this did not prevent the project from gaining popularity.

Ripple rate and forecast for 2018, possible growth and prospects

It is not surprising that Riple went up in March 2017, because in February of the same year, the company began cooperate with one of the largest banks in the UAE (Abu Dhabi).

This is not the first bank with which they began working, but it was the most serious. The next take-off of the quotes of these tokens was observed at the end of 2017:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

In almost 30 days, the Ripple rate increased 9 times, which is a serious indicator. So that you understand who managed to invest $ 1000 in this currency, you can now sell the coins by almost $ 10,000. This is due to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency.

Its cost directly depends on demand, so the more people want to purchase tokens, the more expensive they become.

What will be the XRP rate in 2018? Forecasts on the Internet are different, but most experts are confident that the quotes will creep up.

Why? Because more than 300 banks have already believed companies and implemented their technology in their business processes. Every day their number increases, because Ripp is not a blockchain with anonymous payments and users, it is a network that is managed by a specific legal entity.

How to invest in Ripple?

Many are frightened by investing in cryptocurrency because no one understands how the blockchain works and what the rates depend on. In this regard, Ripp wins, because the company is trying to work with banks, and this is a serious niche.

It is obvious that the project has development prospects and the more banks use the development, the higher the rate becomes.

Ripple has reserved 61% of tokens for itself, blocking 55 million coins through 55 different smart contracts. Each month, one contract ends, which adds to the issue. Gradually, Ripp is sold and the company's expenses are covered.

Anyone can invest in development, for this they just need to open a Ripple wallet and find a service where it is currently profitable to buy tokens. There are many options, below we will tell about them and provide instructions.

Having received the currency on electronic balance, you will only have to wait until the rate rises. Even at the slightest change in quotations, it will be possible to sell coins and earn money from it.

The most convenient Ripple wallet online

Most newbies try to find a Ripple wallet on the official website. Some download software versions, but all this is not convenient or just does not work.

Not so long ago, the largest stock exchange added Ripp to the list of supported cryptocurrencies and it is easy to buy them for rubles, dollars or even other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

This is a registration form on the site that you will need to fill out.After logging into your account, go to the "Wallet" section and there in the list of accounts you will see XRP . Ripple wallet has already been created:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

There are 2 buttons opposite the balance. The first is needed for replenishment, the second for withdrawal. When you click on the first one, a page opens where you are offered to generate the address:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

The conditions are presented above, at least 10 XRP (approximately $ 20) for replenishment, there is no commission. After pressing the button to create an address, you will receive a unique number that you can point to on different sites or send to other people to drop Ripp:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

To buy a Ripple for rubles or other national currencies, first replenish the balance on the stock exchange, and then buy coins. This is not difficult to do, but we also clearly show how this is done.

Where to buy Ripple?

In parallel, we will introduce you to another useful exchange where Ripple also trade. It is called here as well after registration, the online wallet for Ripple opens automatically.

We already said how to replenish it, now we will show, how to buy Ripp for rubles:

  1. First you need to make a deposit on the stock exchange. For this, fiat money is used - national currencies. They are not supported on Binans, so you will have to use exchangers or other exchanges. As a rule, all cryptocurrencies are available for exchange with BTC, therefore, bitcoins are bought first.
  1. When Bitcoin appears on the balance sheet, you can proceed to trade and create an order. On all exchanges, users create their exchange requests and wait for other people to respond. The form for opening an order looks like this:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

  1. You need to specify how many XRP coins are purchased and if Market mode is selected, then automatically will calculate the cost in Bitcoins at the current rate. You can switch to Limit mode and set any value. Just keep in mind that at too low a price it will be too difficult to find counter offers.
  1. It is not necessary to wait for counter offers. In the sidebar are orders of other users. Choose by the number of coins or price, just click on the application and the order form will be filled. All that remains is to click on the "Buy" button:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

The order is instantly executed and XRP coins appear on your internal account. This is how you can become the owner of Ripp tokens.

It is not necessary to withdraw them from the exchange, wait for the appreciation, then here and exchange them for fiat money or transfer them through exchange offices.

Purchase of Ripple through exchangers

It is even easier to buy cryptocurrency through exchangers, but in this case, the rate will not be as profitable as on exchanges. But you can directly buy Ripple from the card Sberbank, for rubles, Qiwi, Yandex. Money and other currencies.

First of all, you still need to open a wallet, because your coins must be stored somewhere.

It is even easier to open an online wallet for Ripple through the service

. On the same site, you can change the cryptocurrency, only there are not always favorable conditions. Therefore, the system is more suitable for use as a wallet.

Thousands of exchangers in the network are ready to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency. Each of them has its own course, so you must first analyze the proposals. In order not to do this manually, go to and select the exchange direction:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

For example, we have chosen to purchase Ripple for rubles from the Sberbank card. The system instantly checks the offers of exchangers and issues the following list:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

As you can see, the difference in the course between the first and the last site is almost 80 rubles. Obviously, it is better to buy coins on the first exchanger.

Further actions are not different, you need to specify the amount, fill in additional forms (if the transfer is made from the card, then the holder's data are required) and confirm the operation:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

The design may be different, depending on the selected exchanger. Be sure to specify the card number, the address of the Ripple wallet, where the coins and personal data will be sent.

If you exchange electronic money (for example, QIWI), then there will not be a form with a name, a surname, and so on.

Mining Ripple

We have already said that this coin is different from its counterparts. Ripple does not work in the usual blockchain, so the developers have bypassed the need for mining. They immediately released 100 billion coins, leaving a large part.

35% were distributed to the market. With each transfer, 0. 00001 XRP is deducted from the transaction amount. This is a kind of protection against spam, and these Rips are then burned, thereby reducing emissions and causing a rise in the exchange rate.

In short, do not believe that if you are offered to earn Ripple on mining, it is impossible.

How to keep Ripple as safe as possible?

If you are serious, plan to buy Ripple for a long time and want to protect it, then it is better to buy a cold wallet. This is a special device that stores private keys and signs transactions.

You will also use the wallet interfaces or download the browser extension, but the coins will remain safe even if your computer is infected with a virus.

When you turn on the device, you can create a new wallet for Ripple. Then you will need to install extensions from the official site on your computer to manage your balance. They are located on the Ledgerwallet website in the Apps section:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

First, download LedgerManager, and then download LedgerWalletRipple. The first program will allow you to connect to the device, update its firmware, install wallets for different cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

The second application is needed directly to work with Ripla. It is simple, there are only 3 buttons in the interface - data on the balance, input and output:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

Click the up arrow and get the Ripple address of the wallet to which you can send coins from exchanges and exchangers:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

This is just a brief tour of setting up and using a hardware wallet. Yes, you will have to pay a little less than 100 euros for him, but only with him you do not have to worry about the safety of tokens.

Externally, the gadget resembles a flash drive, it is really convenient to use it, and even if someone steals the device, it cannot use it:

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) - rate, forecast for 2018

Another, safer way to store Ripp you will not find. There will be no restrictions, send and receive arbitrary amounts.

You can invest in Ripple cloud mining with the

service. And to invest money is not necessary, this site gives out daily bonuses.

News about Ripple is appearing on the network more and more often, and as you know, along with the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, the rates jump. The forecast for 2018 in relation to Ripple is the same for everyone - the coins will rise in price, but it is not yet clear.

If the company manages to attract even more large banks, then the tokens will soar in price and then no one will regret that he now bought them for $ 2.

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