Cryptocurrency Review IOTA - rate, forecast, wallet

New projects in the field of cryptocurrency continue to be launched, but before considering them, you should pay attention to the Altcoins, which have already become popular. Among them are very promising companies.

Coins are suitable for both investments and trading because they have high liquidity.

Cryptocurrency: review, forecast, how to buy, we decided to tell about all this, because Yota's forecasts are promising. Experts assure that the course of this altcoin will grow several times , but this takes time.

The network should expand , it has practical application, and the project has a number of weighty advantages.

Cryptocurrency Review IOTA - rate, forecast, wallet

The Yot cryptocurrency today and at the time of the creation of

Now this coin is in the TOP 10 by capitalization ( $ 1 984 892 799). Only in the last 24 hours, transactions with IOTA totaling more than 100 million dollars were carried out.

The popularity of cryptocurrency is constantly growing, it is used both for long-term investment and for trading.

In 2015, crowdfunding was conducted and quite successfully. The developers managed to collect 1337 BTC, and at the rate at that time, it was about half a million dollars.

According to the online information, early investors multiplied their capital by 25,000 times, i.e. having invested only $ 50, they became millionaires.

The developers of the new technology were David Sonstebe, Sergey Popov and Sergey Ivancheglo. The main idea was to create a network with instant transactions without commission, so they decided to abandon mining.

In 2016, various tests and inspections were carried out, and in 2017 Yota appeared on the stock exchanges and immediately began to grow in price.

Advantages and features of IOTA

The blockchain is not based on this network (like all analogs). It uses the protocol Tangle (acyclic graph).

Explaining in simple language, when conducting a transaction and adding a new record to the database, 2 previous operations are confirmed. Due to this structure, Yota will not have any problems with scalability.

Cryptocurrency Review IOTA - rate, forecast, wallet

Miners and validators are not here, so there is no transaction fee. The speed of operations grows with their total number.

Also, Winternitz hashing is used here, which ensures fast receipt of signatures. It is difficult for a beginner to figure it all out, so let's imagine the main differences from competitors in simple language:

  • there are no commissions for transfers;
  • scalability to any size;
  • full network decentralization;
  • high transaction speed;
  • the latest cryptography technologies are used for protection;
  • minimum node requirements;
  • the project has practical use;
  • Yota opened its own fund;
  • all coins were issued immediately;
  • a huge issue of 2,779,530,283,277,761 coins.

If Bitcoin continues to grow as well, soon half the world's electricity will be needed to extract this coin.

In addition, the main power is already distributed between the three pools, which can lead to network centralization. In IOTA, all these problems are excluded, the speed is only growing, but there are no miners at all.

Why was the IOTA cryptocurrency created?

The project is called the “Internet of Things” because it can be used in many areas.

Probably, it will be difficult to find a niche in which Yota could not facilitate any processes. The development is focused on the mobile future, where we will no longer waste time in vain.

Through the IOTA network, it will be possible to take space on the hard disk, control household appliances from a smartphone, hold fair elections, even jointly catch criminals. Progress is inevitable, just as mobile devices and computers once appeared.

Why is the “Internet of Things”? Because first of all, the development was carried out under smart devices. We will fill them with apartments and automate many processes in the near future.

For example, coffee will start to brew when you wake up and go into social. the net, and the food is warmed up when you get out of bed.

The IOTA rate against the ruble and the dollar

The Yota graph has changed a lot over the past year. The actions of speculators and the huge interest of users in the crypto market forced the quotation to rise to a record high of $ 5.23.

After that, a correction followed, but if you look at a large period of time, you still see an increase in the cost of an IOTA coin almost 3 times:

Cryptocurrency Review IOTA - rate, forecast, wallet

This clearly shows how the project and its cryptocurrency develops. According to experts, in 2018 the correction will continue and there will be no major changes.

It is unlikely that the rate will rise above $ 3, but this is only this year. In 2019 and 2020, the prospects are more weighty, and active work is being carried out in different directions.

Wallet for IOTA

For a long time, the storage of cryptocurrency remained a problem for users. There were no normal wallets, and those that existed worked with errors. On the official website, there are 2 types of wallets:

  1. GUIIOTA Wallet (for PC) - located on Github, download, run exe file and generate a key. The only caveat, it is better not to generate it online, because there was already an unpleasant incident when the developers of the key generation service stole the coins.
  2. Trinity Wallet (for mobile devices) - available in the official app stores on GooglePlay and the AppStore. After downloading, you need to select a language and agree to the terms of use. Then the seed phrase is entered or created and the key is saved (in PDF and you can immediately send it to the post office).

Unfortunately, hardware wallets do not yet support the Yota currency. But the developers of Ledger Nano S promised to add IOTA. True, they announced this news a long time ago, but until today, they have not done anything.

3 ways to buy IOTA (invest money)

The demand for cryptocurrency is growing, many have seen the prospects of the project and are ready to invest for a long time. It is not hard to buy coins, but first you need to open a wallet for them. As well as for the purchase of any other altcoins, 3 main options are available here:

  1. Exchangers is the fastest option. There is no need to register anywhere, just select the exchange office, select the currency for payment and make a transfer. Only exchangers that support IOTA are not so much and they are not always favorable rate.
  2. Exchange is the best way to buy any cryptocurrency. There are fiat exchanges where you can replenish your account with rubles or dollars to buy Yota. And here you can store your coins (but this is not safe).
  3. Private owners - on the network, you can search for ads from “money changers” who are ready to make a direct deal. The option is working, there will be no commission, but again the course is unlikely to be profitable and it’s not easy to count on the honesty of the other party.

All the ways how to buy Yot the cryptocurrency workers, and so that you do not get confused, now we will explain everything in detail.

We do not recommend using the last option for security reasons. Unless agree on a personal meeting, in another way the risks of becoming a victim of fraudsters are too high.

How to buy IOTA through exchangers?

On the net you can find lots of information about buying Yota. Some post authors even provide links to exchangers. However, they have either not been verified, or they have already removed this coin from the listing.

Therefore, it is better to use monitoring, such as. Now there you can choose the direction of the exchange from the card:

Cryptocurrency Review IOTA - rate, forecast, wallet

At the moment, the search for exchangers is available only for buying IOTA from bank cards. As you can see, we chose the purchase of Yota through Sberbank. The system offers us 2 options. Choose any of them and fill out the form:

Cryptocurrency Review IOTA - rate, forecast, wallet

Next, the client is given a card number, you need to make an ordinary translation for it. In Sberbank, transfers are processed instantly, just like in the IOTA network, so the exchange operation is carried out instantly. The main disadvantage is the high minimum amount for exchange.

How to buy IOTA on the stock exchange?

While Yota is not added to many well-known exchangers, it is better to use the exchanges. They can buy a coin for any amount, use any electronic money or even another cryptocurrency. Here is a list of exchanges on which IOTA is supported:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Of all the exchanges presented, I myself actively use Binans. Unfortunately, fiat money is not supported here, but there are always a lot of orders and other cryptocurrencies. After registering in the system, get a Bitcoin address for replenishment:

Cryptocurrency Review IOTA - rate, forecast, wallet

Cryptocurrency Review IOTA - rate, forecast, wallet

With it you can transfer any electronic money through exchangers. Again, through BestChange you will find the right exchange points.

Also, some use the stock exchange where they can replenish the balance in rubles or dollars, then quickly exchange them for BTC and send them to Binance.

If you register on several exchanges, you will be able to earn cryptocurrencies on arbitration simply by exchanging currency at the right moment.

Now IOTA is trading on Binans paired with BTC and USDT (a token linked to the dollar rate). You can replenish the balance in one of them and go to the trading platform for the transaction. There you will see order forms, they indicate the number of Iota and cost:

Cryptocurrency Review IOTA - rate, forecast, wallet

For beginners, it is better to use orders of the Market type, because the average market value is chosen there. However, you can select a limit and set your price.

In addition, in the sidebar there is a list of open orders by other users.You can choose one of them and instantly carry out the transaction:

Cryptocurrency Review IOTA - rate, forecast, wallet

Now on this exchange there are offers for IOTA for 0.00010242BTC. According to the current exchange rate, this is approximately 47 rubles, which is 10 rubles less than the most favorable exchange rate in exchange offices.

Believe me, the difference of almost 15% is a weighty argument for choosing cryptocurrency exchanges. And the commission on Binans is not more than 0. 2% of the transaction.

Mining IOTA

The system was built according to other standards, unlike Bitcoin, proofofwork is not used here (as in most altcoins). Therefore, you can not use mining.

All coins were immediately issued, they are available for purchase on stock exchanges and through exchangers. Other ways to get this currency is not provided.

Forecast of cryptocurrency IOTA (prospects)

Experts and analysts do not just attach great importance to Yota. This coin has a great future. Every month the developers strengthen their positions.

In 2018, a large increase is not expected, up to a maximum of $ 3, but how much the currency will increase in price until 2020 can only be imagined. There are a lot of news and various events indicating a positive IOTA forecast:

  • the network can expand to any size, transactions will become even faster, fees will not be charged anyway;
  • there is official information about that among investors Yota is the Bosch Venture Fund;
  • started the launch of gas stations for electric vehicles with the company ElaandNL in the Netherlands;
  • introduced a new QUBIQ protocol for applying smart contracts in IOTA;
  • IOTA and the Volkswagen concert are official partners, there is even a joint project;
  • IOTA company singing to join the MOBI consortium, which also included many automakers;
  • in 2019, the Horizon2020 project is planned to be launched, which will help optimize the energy costs of entire cities;
  • a separate CognIOTA project was launched to sell processor capacity;
  • by the end of 2018, the system of confirming state documents should be refined;
  • a partnership was concluded with the largest Norwegian bank DNB ASA, which plans to study the technology Tangle;
  • for the cryptocurrency developed a high-quality Wallet Trinity and added anonymous tr
  • even the UN has partnered with IOTA to use their technology in document management.

Of course, the project is not perfect and it has its shortcomings, in particular, some experts question the security of the Coordinator and other network nodes.

But most still agree that in a couple of years this coin will rise in price, investors will definitely not regret having had time to invest.

Altcoin IOTA we also added to the list of the most promising cryptocurrencies. If you decide to invest, diversify risks by buying several types of coins.

Partnership with large companies is the right strategy for IOTA. Many manufacturers of automobiles, home appliances, mobile devices, and so on are already interested in the Internet of things.

Yota's prospects are promising, in the modern technological world this is a new round of development.

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