Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

The crypto money market is developing rapidly and analysts insist that Blockchain technologies will soon be integrated in most financial organizations.

Obviously, this is a great investment option, but not everyone understands cryptocurrency well enough. Therefore, it makes sense to consider cooperation with real professionals.

Investing in cryptocurrency without skills with Satoshi. fund - the best option for those who want to join the current topic, but does not want to study for a long time. This is not your usual HYIP or pyramid, it is a large and well-known foreign company that can increase any capital. A huge number of users have already checked the integrity of the service, you can trust it.

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

The project is closed

Satoshi. fund - a divorce or not?

In articles about different HYIPs, I constantly tell my subscribers about the need for proper evaluation. It is necessary to understand that these sites do not live for a long time and only those who attract new members receive income in them. Here, invite no one is required, and the money is allowed to withdraw even the next day, after making a deposit.

The investor needs to understand the scheme of earnings, as well as learn at least the basic actions that need to be performed.

On Satoshi. fund is simple, if you do not understand the essence, then only profitable investment is required:

  1. Buy the crypto fund currency for real money.
  2. Wait until her course rises.
  3. Exchange domestic currency and order payment.

At the same time, the schedule of the fund's currency value is constantly growing. This is facilitated by the active development of the company and the increase in total capital. If in May 2016, there was approximately $ 45,000 under management, now it is over 10 million dollars. Quotes are shown on the main page of the site; they change in real time:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

Pay attention to Satoshi Pie tokens. Investors' income depends on them. The graph shows the total amount of the fund's trading, the change in local currency and the rate of Bitcoin. From the last yield Satoshi. The fund is highly dependent, because most of the funds of investors, it is invested in this crypto money.

Here's the answer for you, due to which money is scrolled, they are invested in other currencies in various proportions:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

This approach ensures maximum security, no one keeps all eggs in one basket. Over 60% of the funds are invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is not surprising, both cryptocurrencies are now the most popular.

White money scrolling scheme, nothing complicated for newbies. The organizers of the project have a serious store of knowledge in the field of crypto money, they select the most profitable assets in this market. This allowed them to increase the rate of their own currency by more than 20 times.

Satoshi. fund HYIP or something serious?

There’s nothing to do with services — one-day days and pyramids, Satoshi has no Foundation. There is no need to attract people to be allowed to receive payments. At any time you can replenish the balance or withdraw money from it. What is pleasantly pleased is the lack of hard limits, transactions are carried out even with small amounts.

The development team of this major project is not hidden, right on the main page there is information about them, and there are also links to their pages on social networks:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

Team young, active, competent professionals. They are interested in crypto money and technology Blockchain. Now they have launched their own cryptocurrency, which is constantly gaining value. For investment, they choose the best options on the crypto money market. Invest in young currencies, predicting their rapid growth.

Blockchain assets generate a really huge income, but this requires start-up capital. Therefore, the developers and created their own fund.

Customers help them to collect large amounts for transactions, they pass them and give a certain percentage to depositors. Understanding all the subtleties of the blockchain is not necessary, traders will think about everything.

Registration for Satoshi. fund

It is not difficult to start investing with Satoshi, and big money is not required for this. It all starts with the creation of an account. Registration takes place in several stages:

  1. First you need to press the green button on the main page, wait for the page to load:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

  1. For registration requires standard information - Email, phone number, username and password.The site is serious, so use a strong strong password:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

  1. To increase the security of your account, in the next step you need to specify the password you just created and add a phrase that will be useful to restore access to the profile:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

  1. The third step checks the phrase to restore, just enter it again:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

Everything is ready, now you are a full user of the site and can pass authorization. Your browser is a wallet, if you need to log in to your account from another browser platform, click on the special link (located below the registration form) and through the phrase to restore, log in:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

Refer to registration is serious, some users on this site keep thousands of dollars. Perhaps you too will reach this level over time. Our instructions are useful to beginners, because there is no Russian language on the site.

How to start investing in Satoshi. fund?

Everything is ready for a profitable investment, in order to start scrolling your money, you need to log in and go to your account using a special link:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

For each user, a special BTC wallet is generated, you need to transfer money to it so that it goes to the balance. It is proposed to use the address of the account or use the QR code when using mobile devices:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

When depositing and withdrawing funds, a 5% fee is charged. When replenishing the balance, SPIES (new cryptocurrency) is credited to the account. Remember, money can appear on the account only the next day. It is necessary to wait until they pass several confirmations.

There is nothing to worry about, the transaction will still be processed, do not believe those who say that it takes a few minutes. Employees of the company will calculate everything and transfer the crypto money to the account, according to the current rate. All data is available in your personal account (SPIES balance and their rate):

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

You don’t need to do anything else, then the expectation of a rise in the local currency exchange rate begins. This could happen the next day. For example, on May 27, 2017, the course was slightly above $ 14. Who managed to invest in 10 days (June 7) was able to withdraw its capital, but at the rate of $ 29 for a crypto coin. This is not always the case, the profitability of Satoshi. fund floating

How to withdraw money from Satoshi. fund?

Whenever necessary, you are allowed to withdraw SPIES from your balance. To do this, you need to go to the "Redeem" main menu section:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

After that, a page opens where you need to specify how many SPIES tokens are displayed. We also indicate your Bitcoin wallet address and press the "Send" button:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

The interesting fact is that the money is transferred in dollars equivalent, and not Bitcoins. This is done so that investors do not lose anything, in case of a decline in the Bitcoin rate. Funds come quickly, you can see this today.

Satoshi Reviews. fund

There are people who do not trust such projects. What to do in this case? Learn to trade cryptocurrencies yourself and look for a huge start-up capital. About Satoshi. We decided to write a fund review only because we started receiving positive feedback on the project. This is what our friends think about such investments:

Cryptocurrency investment with Satoshi. fund (project closed)

I am on Satoshi. The fund was registered even when the SPIES course was at around $ 1.8. I invested a small amount, about $ 120. Approximately 66 crypto coins were issued, and when their rate rose to the level of $ 29, I decided to withdraw funds. Out 1914 $, but it took a lot of time. I left a thousand bucks for myself, I let the rest go. Now I’m sure that I can really make money here.

At the beginning of 2017, I began to actively look for methods of passive investment . There was a small amount of Bitcoin (due to mining) that I wanted to scroll through. Accidentally stumbled upon the Satoshi Foundation in March, then their coins were worth $ 5 each. I don't like to risk it, so when in May the rate went up to $ 20 for SPIES, I brought it all up, but now I regret it, because the trend has risen even higher.

It is hard to convince me of the honesty of some foreign sites, but watching the success of investors in one of the forums, I could not resist and also invested in Satoshi Fund . It turned out, not in vain, SPIES received at the rate of $ 11. 5 apiece, and now they can be sold for $ 28. 5. I am sure that this is not the limit, therefore I am not bringing anything out, I am waiting for the most opportune moment.

It is not necessary to invest in crypto money. Let the employees of the company shine with knowledge, they have already proved that their experience is enough to increase capital. You just need to give them your bitcoins and wait until the best times come for a refund.

There is no reason to say that Satoshi. fund divorce. The network has negative reviews, but they are written only by pessimists who do not believe in the possibility of earning money without effort.

Start with $ 10-$ 20, this is not so much money, and when you see for yourself, make a decision whether it is worth investing large sums. Judging by the development trends, this project has a really great future.

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