Cryptocurrency forecast for 2018, which cryptocurrencies to buy

Internet users are increasingly investing money in cryptocurrency, despite the fact that some of them do not even understand how this technology works.

It is not necessary to understand all the subtleties, because you can simply buy coins and wait for their course to grow. But the question arises, which tokens are worth buying?

Cryptocurrency forecasts for 2018 that will give a big increase in the price we built on the basis of signals, information from experts and opinions of reputable traders.

Investments in digital coins have already brought millions to some investors. You are also able to replenish their ranks, even if the starting capital is not large.

Cryptocurrency forecast for 2018, which cryptocurrencies to buy

What do you need to invest in cryptocurrency?

At a minimum, you will need an account on a quality cryptocurrency exchange. After registering on these resources, a multi-currency wallet is opened, where you can conveniently store tokens.

Which exchange to choose? We must proceed from the goals. If you do not want to take serious risks and plan to buy only the main coins, then there will be enough exchange.

If you intend to create a large investment portfolio, it is better to open an account on and. These exchanges offer the largest number of trading pairs.

Many people want to buy some new currency at a modest price and wait for the moment when it will cost hundreds of times more.

Newbies can follow the links and look at the instructions, there is nothing difficult in buying a crypt. Therefore, we will not dwell on this moment and move on to the rating of tokens in which to invest.

Cryptocurrency forecast for 2018, which cryptocurrencies to buy

TOP 10 prospective cryptocurrencies

No one wants to lose their money, and when you invest them in little-known tokens, there are serious risks. Therefore, let's start with a list of the best cryptocurrencies, whose course should not definitely fall. They are interesting to conservatives, perhaps, the rate will not rise much, but it will surely grow:

  1. - the course is $ 9639, capitalization is 162,538,376,715 $ .

Obviously, the most popular cryptocurrency should grow in value. The demand for it never ceases to grow, and newbies foolishly call all alcoins Bitcoins.

According to statistics, it is ranked first in the interests of traders. In addition, BTC are used for exchange operations with other coins. Demand is rising, the price is slowly rising.

  1. - the course is $ 913, capitalization is $ 89,290,424,491 $ .

This cryptocurrency is more expensive because the Ethereum platform itself is developing. Through it, many other tokens have already been launched, and they are available for purchase just for the Ethers.

Moreover, Ethereum is most often used to conduct smart contracts, which are also gaining popularity.

  1. - course 1. 11 $, capitalization 43,476,598,971 $ .

A great future is predicted by this cryptocurrency, because it is aimed at use in the banking sector. Many financial organizations have already connected to the network, and with it the price of the token is growing.

The Ripple cryptocurrency forecasts are positive also because it is one of the few well-known coins that do not use the blockchain.

  1. - the course is $ 222, capitalization is 12,275,819,216 $ .

After the Bitcoin source code became publicly available, its counterparts began to appear. Lightcoin is one of them, but it does not work on SHA-256, but on the Scrypt algorithm.

Litecoin currency is easier to mine and many more coins are issued - these are the main advantages. The currency has great prospects, because its development team is actively working on the project.

  1. - course 9. 77 $, capitalization 6,548,566,670 $ .

A cryptocurrency for decentralized use in various programs and applications has been developed.

It works on a well-developed blockchain, and is therefore capable of processing millions of transactions per second. Increasingly, it is used by developers, transfers are carried out without commissions.

  1. - the course is $ 269, capitalization is 4,242,214,512 $ .

Another cryptocurrency, promoted by the miners. It is collected even through mobile devices.

The Monero chip is a ring signature, due to which transactions are mixed and tracking payments is almost impossible. Increased anonymity attracts a lot of attention.

  1. - the course is $ 119, capitalization is 7,735,840,319 $ .

Almost all predictions of the cryptocurrency Neo speak about the development of the course of this coin. It has many advantages - low commission, the use of smart contracts, serious partners (Alibaba and Microsoft), a new operating system is being developed based on NEO.

In addition, NEO supports all programming languages, therefore developers actively use it.

  1. - the course is 0. $ 44, capitalization is 8,086,909,287 $ .

The developers of this project took into account all the shortcomings of already working cryptocurrencies.They tried to do everything to make it as convenient as possible to conduct exchanges between tokens and fiat money.

In many ways, it is similar to Ripple, but if it is designed for the banking sector, then Stellar will suit any company.

  1. - the course is $ 1333, capitalization is $ 22,629,423,868 .

ForkBitcoin continues to grow in value after the collapse in early 2018. It is obvious that someone made serious bets on this cryptocurrency.

It is actively promoted, the news appears almost every day, and there are no problems with the speed of transactions or overpriced commissions. In addition, multicurrency wallets are increasingly adding BitcoinCash.

  1. - course $ 32, capitalization 582,668,209 $ .

Refers to stable cryptocurrencies, news of the Ethereum fork almost do not appear. The course does not change much, on the other hand, the system is less susceptible to attacks, loads and errors.

In many ways, the fate of this crypt depends on the actions of a person who managed to get most of the coins with his cunning.

At the moment, it is these cryptocurrencies that are often used on the global Internet. Perhaps their course will not soar 10 times in the coming months, but there will be no serious drawdowns. Choose these coins if you want not the biggest, but stable income from investments.

Cryptocurrency forecast for 2018, which cryptocurrencies to buy

Another 10 cryptocurrencies with a great future

With investments in digital coins, everyone wants to get the maximum profit. There are several options that have good potential.

By investing in them, you take risks, but also get the opportunity to significantly increase your capital. We are confident that the investment will be profitable if you choose:

  1. - $ 15 rate, capitalization 1,544,811,990 $ .

A project built on a blockchain with its own cryptocurrency. Positive exchange rate forecasts are explained by the fact that OMG currency is not just another startup, but an existing business.

Its main activity is increasing the integration of cryptocurrencies in various companies (most of them from Asia).

  1. - course 1. $ 9, capitalization $ 200,653,663 .

A new payment system that intends to bring cryptocurrency to the global market has launched its own cryptocurrency.

The project has a great chance of success, because the main work is being done on the distribution of tokens. Many support this idea, capitalization is increasing rapidly.

  1. - course 2. $ 5, capitalization $ 345,907,597 .

The project combines a high-quality exchanger and payment system. The exchanges are now starting to have problems, they are being hacked, the authorities force them to legalize, sometimes even registration closes due to pressure.

Against this background, KyberNetwork gets a chance for development. With this service, it will be easy to add new tokens.

  1. - the course is $ 26, capitalization is 648,746,724 $ .

A platform has been developed for a new business area. It creates a separate ecosystem for the interaction of various companies.

Due to its own technology, the project opens up wide opportunities for businessmen to use cryptocurrency. According to experts, the course will definitely go beyond the $ 30 mark and continue to grow.

  1. - the rate of $ 32, capitalization of 2,369,788,684 $ .

The developers are confident that they managed to create an improved version of Ethereum. Only here are used master contracts that receive data outside the blockchain.

The team intends to bring the blockchain technology into such niches as social networks, online stores, gambling and much more.

  1. - the rate is 0. 38 $, capitalization is 9,853,841,833 $ .

When the rate of this coin was still 2 cents, experts were already talking about a possible increase of 1000% in 2018.

While the course has risen 20 times, but the project has not yet fully opened. The developer platform has the ideal framework for developing applications that we use in everyday life.

  1. - the course is 0. $ 44, capitalization is $ 152,746,016 .

A non-standard blockchain platform created to identify users' identities. Data will be collected from government and financial sources. Something like FacebookConnect, only more technological.

Intel has already entered into a partnership agreement with this project, according to forecasts, in 2018 the rate should rise to $ 1.

  1. - the course is 0. 72 $, capitalization is 163,450,161 $ .

This is a platform token trying to create a new Internet, where each computer will turn into a server. The coin was introduced as a means of payment for the services provided (permission to use a PC).

Simply put, people will get paid for keeping some kind of information on their computers. Whether the developers will succeed in achieving the goal is not yet known, but experts predict the exchange rate in 2018 to be over $ 20.

  1. - the course is 0. $ 42, capitalization is $ 84,993,984 .

A project from the sphere of entertainment, created to combine the blockchain and virtual reality. Coins will be used for convenient payments when selling cards by private users.

Money is already being invested in virtual reality by such giants as IBM, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple. Obviously, this is an interesting direction, so analysts predict the rate of Vibe in 2018 to $ 10.

  1. - the rate is 0. 04 $, capitalization is 3,007,929,092 $ .

You can compare this project with GooglePlay or any social network. Its users can exchange different information, play games, have fun. Tokens will be used for settlements.

Investors from China are already actively investing in Tron, according to the forecast for 2018, the cryptocurrency will cost more than 10 cents.

You have no idea how difficult it is to compile such collections. The fact is that the evaluation of the prospects of cryptocurrency is not easy.

One has to take into account many different factors, including studying reviews and opinions on professional forums. Sense to invest in these tokens for sure.

Cryptocurrency forecast for 2018, which cryptocurrencies to buy

Cryptocurrencies with serious potential

The cryptocurrency forecast for today is promising, tokens continue to gain popularity. They are created for different purposes, but technological projects look the most promising.

Fresh ideas are welcome, and when developers make serious efforts, the crypt successfully adds up to date. Here are a few more coins, that should go up in 2018:

  1. - the exchange rate is 0. 06 $, capitalization is 865,646,752 $ .

Cryptocurrency took over all the functionality from Bitcoin, anonymity from DASH, and popularity from Dogecoin. While it remains in the shadow of the more famous coins, but after a few months it should greatly increase in price.

Already, transactions are being conducted on it on such popular exchanges as well as.

  1. - course 7. 3 $, capitalization 732,744,000 $ .

Analogue of Ethereum, only with a number of advantages. The main one is the possibility of buying tokens for fiat money. Waves is also gaining popularity as a platform for ICO companies.

They even wrote about this project in Forbes magazine. The latest news on the conclusion of cooperation Deloitte gives impetus to an increase in the course. In the next six months, he should rise at least 10 times.

  1. - the exchange rate is 0. 55 $, capitalization is 4,954,546,429 $ .

Another blockchain resembling Ethereum. Only here a special algorithm is used to track users creating new blocks.

The main idea of ​​launching cryptocurrency is to make money transfers available around the world. If the company manages to conclude contracts with banks, the rate of their currency will rise to at least $ 5.

  1. - course 1. 07 $, capitalization 545,754,027 $ .

Many different tokens have already been created through Ethereum, and this platform allows you to conveniently exchange them.

The decentralized system allows you to conduct transactions without intermediaries, and their currency (ZRX) is needed to pay a small commission. In the future, we will be able to see many decentralized exchanges created using the 0x protocol. In this case, the currency rate will jump.

  1. - course 8. $ 54, capitalization 1,138,168,830 $ .

Once this project was called Raiblock, but then it did not attract so much attention.

Coins could be easily earned on the Internet without investments, relying only on prospects. They were justified, as they say, the startup "shot" and the course has already risen, but experts are confident that the positive dynamics will continue for a long time.

  1. - the course is $ 27, capitalization is $ 306,482,688 .

The cryptocurrency takes its simplicity, its developers simply decided to add new "money". Almost all indicators, it is an analogue of Bitcoin, with the exception of some small things.

In particular, the block size has been increased to 8 MB. While the currency is not popular and is traded only on a few exchanges (such as).

  1. - the rate is 0. $ 35, capitalization is $ 62,004,262 .

A system for convenient payments and a cryptocurrency created on the blockchain (i.e., decentralized). The project was based on an analogue of DASH.

Only in the fall of 2017, the coin revealed its potential, and most of all deals with it are made at KuCoin. Interesting in the short and long term.

  1. - course 1. $ 15, capitalization $ 7,310,627 .

A secure, decentralized network for making payments on the Internet. It is based on the ProofofStake protocol.

Transactions are confirmed per minute. A special feature allows you to pay wherever BTC is available. Coin trading is available inside the wallets. In terms of anonymity, everything is borrowed from DASH.

  1. - course 2. 1 $, capitalization 5,785,955,122 $ .

Forecasts of cryptocurrency for 2018 indicate a rapid growth in the rate of this coin.Its developers have abandoned the standard blockchains, because each of them has problems with micro payments.

The IOTA currency was released immediately, it is impossible to mine it, and the number of coins is so large that they are ideal for conducting small transactions.

  1. - a rate of 0. 2 $, capitalization 856,952,606 $ .

Positive forecasts for the development of cryptocurrency are also observed according to Siacoin. The coin is designed to encode and send different information.

This communication channel is securely encrypted. Something like cloud storage, only with maximum protection. In early 2018, the currency exchange rate increased 100 times.

In comparison with serious competitors, the capitalization of some currencies may not seem big, but they are millions of dollars. The numbers are serious, the projects are large, and each of them has the prospect of repeating the success of Bitcoin.

Almost all forecasts of cryptocurrency experts contain the name of the represented tokens.

What other cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018?

Every investor has his own strategy, there are also those who simply buy up coins without conducting any checks. There is also a certain sense in this, because each coin can grow 1000 or more times.

For example, scattering $ 100 for $ 1 for each token, you get an impressive investment portfolio. If at least one of the selected coins goes up in price by 100 times (which is quite realistic), the deposits pay off.

And if this happens with 2, 3, 10 tokens? The benefits are obvious. However, it is not necessary to rush into all serious and buy any altcoins. Choose those that have at least some perspective of development:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

It is hard to build cryptocurrency forecasts, because it is not a government currency, whose rate depends on certain factors.

It is necessary to constantly follow the news and make quick decisions, because most often the course of digital coins depends on the actions of speculators and holders of tokens.

Cryptocurrency forecast for 2018, which cryptocurrencies to buy


Every day there is information about the launch of the new ICO. Coins appear constantly, but only a small percentage of them become successful.

It is almost impossible to evaluate prospects in this case, since anything can happen at the start, up to the project closure or the disappearance of developers.

The network is full of ratings and TOPs with different coins. It will be much better if you learn how to make your own predictions of cryptocurrency rates. Nobody forbids you to continue to study someone else's opinion and receive tips from experts, but the final action should be deliberate.

The cryptocurrency forecasts we made for January and February were partially justified. As expected, drawdowns are expected at the beginning of the year, and a correction should have ended by mid-February.

According to the graphs of most of the Altcoins, one picture is observed, at last the courses began to grow, it is time to continue buying coins until their courses took off.

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