Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

How many different cryptocurrencies have already been created, but not all of them are attractive for investments. Some projects have no future, therefore, traders and those who decided to invest real money in altcoins need to study each asset.

Now we will look at one of the most famous coins, looking ahead - it has potential.

Cryptocurrency: review, forecast, how to buy - we decided to tell about all this, because on many sites, experts say that this coin will rise in price.

The project is quite interesting, it competes with such giants as NEO and Ethereum, and now takes the 9th place in terms of capitalization in the world.

Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

Cardano - the third generation cryptocurrency

Bitcoins are considered to be the first generation, Ethereum the second, and Cardano is the third generation.

A more technological, interesting project written in the Haskell programming language, which speaks of its high security. The network code was created by the same people who are now engaged in its support.

These are specialists from three companies at once who decided to join forces to make Cardano a really interesting project.

The main use is the development of decentralized applications and the use of smart contacts. The project appeared on the market in 2015, but the cryptocurrency was launched later.

In January 2018, the ADA coin entered the TOP 10 by capitalization and still remains there.

Now the capitalization is $ 2,654,323,754, and operations amounting to over $ 70 million per day are conducted. For long-term investments, this is a great option. Over the past year, if you flip the jumps, the coin went up 5 times.

How did the CARDANO coin appear?

The same person who worked on Ethereum - Charles Hoskins - worked on creating the project. He founded the project in 2014, but first worked on Ethereum.

Then he assembled his own team and began to study the Asian market. All sorts of work was carried out throughout 2016 and 2017.

The team tried to create a cryptocurrency that can scale without problems, be safe, convenient (both for users and developers) and it will be able to be implemented in the economy.

A lot of time was spent, every little detail was refined, and separate teams were created for each stage.

Later they became separate companies that worked in one direction - they improved and promoted Cardano.

Despite the fact that the history of the project begins in 2014, the ICO company was held in 2017 and only on September 28, 2017, the first ADA coins were issued.

Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

Cardano Group of Companies

A properly built structure of employees helps the project to develop effectively. It’s not just that everyone does his own business; at once, 3 companies work in the same way. They are responsible for different moments:

  • - the main company in which specialists work on the implementation of Cardano technology. They need to look for partners, enter into profitable contracts, cooperation and so on. The most interesting thing is that they are even trying to infiltrate into the government regulation sector. They also keep all project documentation and copyright.
  • - until 2020, a contract was concluded with an engineering company that is responsible for the technical side of Cardano. Its founders are Charles Hoskins and Jeremy Wood.
  • - the activity of this company is aimed at supporting startups launched with the help of Cardano. They help startups in every possible way, including they can provide financial support using the Cardano Foundation.

It is unlikely that you will find counterparts that also have a well-built business model. Only Ethereum, which is Cardano’s main competitor, can be compared.

The cryptocurrency ADA

The name of the cryptocurrency was named after the first female programmer, Ada Lovelace. The total issue of 31,112,483,745 ADA, has already issued almost 26 billion coins. The developers are sure that their altcoin is perfect and nothing better can be found now.

In just 3 months after launch, the project managed to gain tremendous popularity, especially in Japan. On the official website you will find more information, only the Russian version is not available yet.

The rate of Cardano against the ruble and the dollar

Over the past year, the value of the currency has increased by 500%. And the jumps are not taken into account, now the course has seriously subsided (the correction continues), but still investors remain in the black.

From 2 cents to 10 cents, the price of Cardano has changed, and experts say that this is only the beginning. Along with the development of the project, the cost of ADA will grow:

Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

The maximum mark of 1. $ 28 rate reached in January 2018. Then other coins were in great demand.

It should be noted that now, according to the capitalization, Cardano is higher than such well-known coins as NEO, IOTA, Tron. It already speaks about the solidity and potential of the project.

The best wallet for Cardano

The Daedalus Wallet wallet is presented on the official website. Unfortunately, only English is available there. You download the wallet, install and follow the prompts, customize it. There is a promo clip for the latest version of CardanoWallet:

Judging by the reviews, this wallet is not stable, but the most important thing is that the coins do not evaporate from it. This is definitely better than keeping coins on cryptocurrency exchanges or any online wallets.

How and where to buy Cardano?

The popularity of this cryptocurrency is growing rapidly, and with it it is added to various projects where you can buy coins. They are even connected in some exchange offices.

To find them and determine the most profitable course, use. In monitoring, it’s enough to choose a direction to get a list of exchangers:

Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

Here you can also read reviews. The method is fast, but not always profitable. Professionals buy ADA only through cryptocurrency exchanges. Cardano coins have already been added to the listing on many projects.

The easiest way is to buy them on. This is a novice exchange for the most user-friendly interface. The choice of trading pairs here is small, but there is ADA and you can buy them for national currencies. What you need to do for this?

  1. To register at the exchange and replenish the balance. Now you can buy Cardano on Eksmo for Dollars, Bitcoins or Ethers. For beginners who do not have a cryptocurrency, it is better to use a dollar account:

Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

  1. After clicking the replenishment button, the available replenishment methods are opened and here is the form where you need to specify Amount:

Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

  1. After replenishing the account, go to the "Bidding" section and in the list of shopping pairs, enter ADA to find a suitable option. If you deposit rubles, you can exchange them for dollars, bitcoins or ethers in the exchanger (directly to Eksmo):

Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

  1. Next you will see the form through which exchange orders (orders). All transactions are conducted between real people, specify your price and the number of coins, the system will check if there are sales offers with such a value and if they are, the transaction will be carried out instantly:

Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

  1. If there are no suitable offers, the order is sent to the database. In order not to encounter such situations, simply select applications that have been created by other people:

Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

  1. The final stage is to bring the ADA to the main wallet. Keeping coins on stock exchanges is not safe. To make a transfer, it’s enough to click on a withdrawal in the section with balances, opposite the cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

It is somewhat more difficult to buy ADA through the exchange than through the exchanger. But here the courses are always more profitable and you can offer your price. In addition, the account is useful for buying other coins, because investing in one altcoin is too risky.

Exchange with Cardano support

The ADA cryptocurrency is so popular that it has already been added to the listing of almost all the major exchanges.

It is possible that you will find a more convenient service, and the use of several exchanges allows you to find the most profitable orders. Of those projects that support Cardano, select:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Altcoin is supported by other exchanges, but some of them are unverified, others are practically not used, so orders for them will not work.

This set will definitely be enough to find profitable offers, just remember, replenishment with fiat money (national currency) is not available everywhere.

If you sign up for Exmo, you can replenish your account, then change Fiat to Bitcoins and transfer them to any of the exchanges presented.

Cardano Mining (ADA)

Classical cardano mining is not possible with a video card. Only currencies with POW are mined. But PoS mining is available here.

If you do not go into technical details, then one of the miners, who is determined randomly, receives a reward. His chances are directly dependent on how many coins are in the wallet. What should I do?

  • download Daedalus Wallet;
  • buy Cardano;
  • transfer ADA to wallet;
  • leave it on.

The advantages of this type of mining are obvious, a powerful computer is not required and a lot of electricity is not consumed. However, the likelihood that you will receive a small reward.

To increase chances, you need to buy a lot of cryptocurrency. In this "lottery" all addresses with a positive balance are involved.

Cryptocurrency Cardano - rate, forecast, prospects, wallet

Cardano's Outlook and Prospects

Despite the relatively low age of cryptocurrency, they have already managed to outrun many famous competitors in popularity. Many investors are waiting for profit, because they have already invested in ADA.

Experts are pleased with the pleasant predictions of Cardano, but in their opinion, an active positive trend will only begin in 2019-2020.

By purchasing Cardano coins, you simultaneously receive liquid cryptocurrency and an investment asset. Altcoins can be considered securities, because as the project and applications that run on it develop, the value of the coin will definitely increase.

Unlike most similar projects, there are not three companies behind Cardano, but three companies.

Real professionals are working on it, so financial investments continue to increase. Accurate forecasts are few who give the risk, but in 1-2 years the ADA coins will definitely go up.

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It is for the sake of prospects that a cryptocurrency is most often acquired. The developers of Cardano look solid, they inspire confidence. Therefore, their promises can be believed.

And when the network starts to scale quickly, the coins will start to grow in value. Currently it is one of the most promising altcoins.

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