Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

The sphere of cryptocurrency is actively developing, new technologies appear in it.

Decentralization is one of the main factors by which the blockchain is gaining popularity. But to carry out the exchange and transfer operations, users still have to use third-party services.

We decided to write a review of cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX), because this ICO has gathered a huge investment, and the tokens are very promising . Buy ZRX now available on many major exchanges.

From this article you will learn why there is such a stir around the coins, why they are attractive and why they were created at all.

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

What is 0x?

The project was launched in August 2017 and at the stage ICO collected $ 24 million . A total of sold 500 million coins. The course is gradually growing, although initially tokens were sold for only 26 cents.

Designed for decentralized organization of the exchange of assets developed on the Ethereum platform. Developers use 0x to create their cryptocurrency exchange projects.

Unlike many other platforms, there are many more features. For example, the ability to trade tokens outside the exchanges.

The ZRX cryptocurrency itself is used to pay commission to the accounts of the sellers. In addition, it is used for decentralized management of 0x protocol updates. This allows you to improve and change the smart contracts underlying the technology.

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

Essence of the project 0x

All tokens designed on the basis of Ethereum belong to the ERC20. With 0x, peer exchange is possible. The protocol is used as an open standard. It is used to build the interaction between dApps (decentralized applications).

Trades are held in the system of intellectual contracts. They are public and free, so anyone can connect to it.

Reliable and continuous integration with decentralized control allows you to receive updates to the basic protocol without violations.

Today, major investors have already invested in cryptocurrency ZRX by such major investors as BlockchainCapital, PanteraCapital, FBG Capital and JenAdvisors. For their contribution, they receive a 30% discount on the purchase of tokens.

At the same time, co-founder Will Warren stated that their development is not a commercial organization and people will be able to use it absolutely for free.

Why do we need a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange 0x?

Explaining in simpler words, a system has been developed for exchanging various tokens without using exchanges.

The main problem is that all the exchanges are managed by someone, and the decentralization used in the blockchain is no longer relevant. Therefore, it was decided to develop a decentralized exchange.

True, it only supports currencies created through Ethereum (ERC20). However, this is so big list, here are some of them:

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

The idea itself is very interesting, because application developers will be able to open direct access to the exchange for their clients. Inside one project, it will be possible to easily change tokens between each other. It will be difficult for a novice to understand this:

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

Soon, the 0x protocol will make noise and make cryptocurrency owners to tremble. After all, their technology allows us to exchange one cryptocurrency for another without additional commissions, security problems and with maximum speed.

Functions of ZRX, why do we need 0x tokens?

The ZRX currency is used to pay commissions for operations. The more exchanges made, the higher the demand for tokens becomes. Accordingly, its price increases. In addition, the storage of currency allows access to voting on protocol changes.

Naturally, the ZRX attracts the most attention simply as an asset for investment. You can buy as many of these coins through the stock exchange and just keep on the account until the price increases.

Features 0x

Do not confuse the 0x protocol with the application for the exchange. This is a platform that developers will use.

The network operates at maximum speed, because only exchange transactions are concluded in the block chain, and the token exchange procedure itself is carried out outside of it. This reduces the risk of high loads.

0x does not have a centralized server that could be hacked (unlike conventional cryptocurrency exchanges).

The protocol is interesting for the developers of ICO startups, so it was hooked up in many blockchains. ZRX code is open, permission to use it is not required.

Only Ethereum-based currencies are supported by the protocol (correspond to the ERC 20 standard). Their total capitalization exceeds 2. 2 billion dollars. The growth outlook for the ZRX currency is also due to the fact that developers are making big plans.

According to their forecast, in 2020, even more tokens will be created on the Ethereum platform.Including, they will include fiat money, stocks, bonds and other assets.

Therefore, their protocol will be applied much more actively. For all these reasons, investing in the ZRX is desirable for the long term.

Cryptocurrency exchange rate and forecast 0x (ZRX)

When the token appeared on the market, its value was 22 cents. Until December 2017, the rate practically did not change, but in January 2018 it reached its peak of $ 2. 5. This was followed by an adjustment and at the moment the cost of the coin 1. $ 72:

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

Considering the capabilities of the protocol and the activity of its implementation, in a short time the ZRX may soar in price. At least, they write about this in many forums, and experts have repeatedly shared such guesses.

As soon as the exchanges switch to a decentralized format, the demand for ZRX will increase hundreds of times, the positive dynamics in the long term, these are cheap tokens, with a great future.

Where to buy 0x (ZRX) cryptocurrency?

These coins cannot be mined through mining, the only way to become their owner is to buy on the exchange. To date, the current price of $ 1.74 or 0. 00014906BTC. Perhaps you will find more favorable rates for orders on the TOP exchanges:

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  • .

I have already made a contribution to the ZRX, and for this I used the exchange. Let it not be as old as its counterparts, but there are many currency pairs supported here, a user-friendly interface and the lowest commission.

Unfortunately, fiat money is not used here, you need to replenish the balance in Bitcoins (only BTC / ZRX can be exchanged). If you don’t have Bitcoins, but you want to invest in ZRX, first register with Binans and get a Bitcoin address to replenish:

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

After clicking on the "Deposit" button, a page appears where the address of the account. It is necessary to transfer coins to replenish the balance:

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

Now we go on to find a favorable exchange rate. You can choose any currency for payment - from the card of Sberbank, Qiwi, Yandex wallet and so on. This system helps to quickly find the exchanger with favorable conditions:

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

We select the site from the first line. In the exchanger is required to fill out the form. What fields in it will be presented depends on what currency you are ready to give. In our case, this is QIWI, so the form looks like this:

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

The red line highlights the line where you need to enter the address obtained on the Bitcoin exchange. Transfer any amount, almost instantly it will appear in your account. After that, you can return to Binance and go to the shopping center:

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

To manually avoid searching for a currency pair, use the search in the block of all trading pairs. It is located on the upper right:

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

Select a pair and forms for exchanging Bitcoins for ZRX appear. To create an order, you will need to specify the price and the number of coins:

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

Similarly, tokens for sale are created. Please note that the transaction is not instantaneous. The application must accept another customer exchange. If you don’t want to wait, then immediately select orders from the sidebar:

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) - description, rate, where to buy and sell tokens

Other users create them. It is not always possible to find favorable conditions and it is difficult to find the number of coins to fit your requirements. Wait for the best orders, Finance is a popular stock exchange, there are always a lot of offers on it.

After performing these manipulations, you will receive 0x tokens to your internal account, you can leave them here or transfer your wallet to the ZRX.

Did Project 0x interest you only as an investor? In addition to the ZRX, there are plenty of other interesting cryptocurrencies. A striking example of this is

, in early 2018 this token took off in price.

We presented to you the description and prospects of the ZRX cryptocurrency, now you can decide whether to buy these coins.

Decentralized exchange of tokens will soon become popular because they have a lot of advantages. Against this background, 0x will definitely evolve, just like their coin.

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