Crowdfunding, where to get money for business?

The foreign word of crowdfunding is gradually becoming more and more popular in RuNet. There are a lot of schemes for building a successful business, as well as ways to get financing for a new business. In most cases, in the absence of start-up capital, entrepreneurs are counting on sponsors, while they do not even think about crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding as an option for financing is an excellent opportunity to receive the necessary amount of money, but it is not so easy to use it. Its essence is to develop a project that can attract the attention of people and motivate them to finance the project.

Like a charity event, you will collect start-up capital from small amounts received from a large number of people.

Crowdfunding, where to get money for business?

Where can I get money for a business?

Do you think that such a scheme is not acceptable? You are wrong. When Barack Obama put forward his candidacy for the presidency, he managed to collect a substantial amount due to crowdfunding. The same system works and people value this source of information, therefore they help the project organizers to maintain its efficiency.

People can “throw off” only on large projects, I won’t succeed!

With such beliefs, without confidence and optimism, you can forget about creating your own business . At the moment, there is a special service in RuNet, on which projects are presented that need "popular" financing - Boomstarter. ru. Perhaps, after visiting this project, you will get some optimism:

Crowdfunding, where to get money for business?

Just see how much money was collected for recording a movie, printing a calendar, and conducting an expedition. These examples are the most successful, there are smaller projects on the site that have collected smaller amounts:

Crowdfunding, where to get money for business?

As you can see, the fees are significantly different, as are the projects themselves. Listing brochures and books, the development of interesting sites, the development of games, the holding of events — people are ready to share their money for all of this, and given that the amounts they donate are not significant, they don’t have to be rich.

Overseas crowdfunding is mainly used by computer game developers, since the results of their work are really interesting to people and therefore attracting a lot of investment is much easier. If you decide to use this method of financing your business, remember, it is hard to do, and people will need to submit a project that they need.

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