Crowd link purchasing experiment in Crowdlinks service. ru - Profit Hunter

Crowd link purchasing experiment in Crowdlinks service. ru - Profit Hunter

Crowdlinks service. ru is quite young, and it has existed since 2015. With its help it is possible to promote projects of crowd-links, which today are rapidly gaining popularity due to the tightening of search filters.

We tested this service by purchasing from it only 25 links to the gmart online store. com. ua (the region of promotion is Ukraine), and now we are sharing our experience.


  1. What is the Crowdlinks service. ru.
  2. How the service works, examples of placement.
  3. Types of links in the service.
  4. Experimental results.

What is the Crowdlinks service? Common crawl en

Crowd marketing is a trend that is gaining more popularity because natural links bring quality targeted traffic. However, it is necessary to distinguish them from spam links: in both cases, placement takes place in open areas (forums, questions and answers, etc.), but quality links work, and spam links only spoil the reputation.

Natural links are surrounded by a recommendation text, or a question text on behalf of a successful or potential client. At the same time, the post itself is done with a pumped profile and, as a rule, without an anchor. The spam link is surrounded by advertising text with a commercial anchor, and it is affixed with the newly registered profile. As a rule, such backlinks do not live long and are quickly removed by moderators.

Some crowd-services do it by calling these spam methods natural promotion.

Well, let's see how things are going with this service.

How the service works, examples of placement

You must specify the promotion region, the URL of the pages for which links will be purchased, inquiries that will be used in the circumferential text, the parameters of desirable and unwanted sites (subject, number visitors, etc.).

After that, experts select donors based on data from the client, taking into account their popularity and visitor activity. As for the near-reference texts themselves, they do not contain direct advertising. Posts on the forums are written with a profile that has already left several messages there. Here is one example of a link posted for the project being promoted:

Crowd link purchasing experiment in Crowdlinks service. ru - Profit Hunter

This shows that the account was registered on January 5, and the post was written on the 13th, and at the same time, the user left 8 messages . At the same time, the profile is almost completely empty: the interests, birthday and other data are not indicated. User avatar is loaded.

Consider another placement example.

Crowd link purchasing experiment in Crowdlinks service. ru - Profit Hunter

In total, the user left 6 posts on the forum, while they are “clean” without mentioning any links or advertising. That is, it seems that the person is really interested in the topic being promoted and communicates on this forum voluntarily. Only there is one "but": the profile is registered on the 13th, and then all the messages are written. That is, the account was not allowed to “lie back” for at least several days. Nevertheless, at the time of writing the post (February 5), the link still holds, and this means that the moderators considered it natural. By the way, the warranty period for linking to crowdlinks is 1 month.

Types of links in the service

Total for crowdlinks. ru there are several types of links:

  • Active, i.e. go to the page by clicking on the link. There are anchor and bezakornymi. Among them - nofollow, dofollow and backlinks with a redirect.
  • Social. Left messages in social networks with links.
  • Brands. The name of the brand, the domain name or the name of the promotion site is used as the link text.
  • Wikipedia. Links are left in the online encyclopedia.

Crowd link purchasing experiment in Crowdlinks service. ru - Profit Hunter

In case the posted post is deleted by site moderators, the crowdlinks employees replace it for free with another one on the same or similar donor.

Basically we used bezankorny clickable and non-clickable links.

Experimental results

In general, the posted links pleased with the quality. Profiles are pre-pumped, but to the minimum: information about yourself is almost not added. The reference text is natural enough to inspire the confidence of ordinary forum users. It must be said that the 25 hosted backlinks have contributed to the promotion of the project. Intermediate results are seen in the following screenshot from the Prodvigator:

Crowd link purchasing experiment in Crowdlinks service. ru - Profit Hunter

Thus, the service is pretty good, but I would like to see in it also detailed statistics reflecting the dynamics of positions in the search for promoted keys and the amount of traffic that comes with purchase links. This solution would make the analysis and selection of sites more convenient.

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