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Have you had a brain collapse? Hmmm ... To answer, let's deal with this word, ok? Tex, look at Wikipedia and see that:

  • Collapse (medicine) is the patient's condition.
  • Gravitational collapse is the process of gravitational compression of a massive body.
  • The collapse of the wave function is an instantaneous change in the description of a quantum state.
  • A traffic collapse is a situation in which each additional violation of traffic leads to a situation close to a complete stop of movement. On public transport - if, with a full load of each vehicle, the number of people waiting is approaching a critical point.
  • Collapse (astronomy) - catastrophically fast compression of a star under the action of gravitational forces.

What is the answer to choose from this menu? I think that the meaning of the word is “transport.” I’ll highlight the words “stop motion” and “full load.” Well, and there both gravity and gravity and everything else in the bouquet. 1> I noticed for myself lately that I often turned to dictionaries, encyclopedias, reference books. Interesting. It happens just like that, I sit reading something new and unknown. Question. Why? then I studied psychology and nonverbalism (Lie To Me). It was more of a hobby and “sporting” interest. However, in life, the knowledge gained more than once was useful. So, returning to the question, I can make one simple conclusion - life has become something bored, static, nothing new. It is necessary to change the situation, defuse the brain.

How do you handle stress? Beer, vodka, girls and the beach - not the answer. This is ungrateful rest. I like to say white SEO as it is - discharge, which is nice to remember and not ashamed to tell your relatives, such as mom, eh? If you take in relation to reading encyclopedias, that is positive. I read that when the brain changes the format of the information it absorbs, it is recharged. Let's say you spend days listening to music or watching movies. And for the most part such information is poured into the brain. How would you feel if you ate some pasta every day? Here ... The brain does not feel, but he knows how to speak very well about his condition: fatigue, headache, drowsiness, etc.

What to do? Change the topic. Change films to books, walk more often, give a TV set to neighbors, and throw out the control panel, go to the islands with your beloved.

P. S. These are the cases with SEOs and Moneymakers. It turns out that we, too, are people and humans.

P. S. S. Get ready! Soon a new wave of moneymaking, new themes, a new marathon.

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