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The Internet is filled with information at a tremendous rate, and some content is quickly shared by the users themselves.

As a rule, this is done unintentionally, a video is created or a picture appears, about which people tell to your friends and share on their pages, which causes a viral effect.

What is viral content? Like a disease, information is distributed on the Internet, but not all information is suitable for viral distribution.

Experienced marketers are puzzled to come up with this, so that people start to actively share invented information and sometimes they succeed.

Creating viral content | Workion. ru

It is not so easy to come up with a fresh idea and develop something that you want to tell everyone.

Viral content is information that spreads like a virus, from one person to another. We all faced a similar phenomenon, in the form of unusual pictures on social networks or videos on YouTube.

Marketers are constantly using viral marketing, as this is the best way to advertise. Enough to come up with original advertising and about a miracle, people themselves begin to distribute data.

There are several important factors to rely on, to create viral content:

  • it must be interesting;
  • it must be easy to share;
  • it should be suitable for any audience;
  • it is simple and straightforward;
  • they want to share with friends;
  • it causes some emotions.

Do not even expect that you will succeed at the first attempt to create a post that will quickly spread over the Internet. As a rule, you have to create dozens or even hundreds of different options, expecting at least some result.

Sometimes, even cheating is used to create a viral effect. Herding feeling in people is present, and cheap likes, reposts, tweets and retweets help to increase influence. When a person everywhere observes the same posts, videos or recordings, they simply settle in his head.

Viral content on social networks

To check how interesting your post is for a large audience, you just need to upload it to social networks. Naturally, it will take a large audience reach so that as many users as possible can see it.

This can be done through advertising, although sometimes it is possible to start the viral effect by simply offering your posts in various communities:

Creating viral content | Workion. ru

The image above shows a great example of the image and the phrase "You can not just take it," which is actively distributed on the Internet.

A huge number of variations has been invented for it. Likewise, videos are gaining popularity, a vivid example of this, Skype advertising, which was very popular some time ago:

This video now has more than 10 million views, but no one has promoted it. It has become popular due to the viral effect.

Note, no professional shooting, the video was made on the knee, but this did not prevent him from becoming one of the most popular on the Russian-language Internet.

Viral content on Instagram also spreads well, and to launch it, you need to use Instagram ads.

Now you know what content is considered viral , and you can try to make it. If the choice falls on the images, it is better to immediately make a bunch of different options and distribute them separately on the network. Who knows, maybe it will hook the audience and you will be able to achieve full-scale distribution.

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