Creating and making money on fake

In social networks there are many pages on which there are not real photos and not real information.

Such profiles are called fakes, and they are created for various purposes. Someone makes such accounts for surveillance, some for trolling, but the most common reason is the possibility of earning.

How to make money on fakes? There are several ways to profit from fake pages. If you manage to collect a large database of profiles and promote them well, then the income can be impressive.

For example, it is possible to attract referrals from the social. networks, regardless of the selected services, this is a profitable way.

Creating and making money on fake

VKontakte is great for creating fakes that will continue to be profitable.

The only negative - you need a lot of numbers to register accounts. As an option, purchase already created profiles (where to buy social network accounts?).

The first thing you can do with a few fake profiles is to perform simple tasks.

Go to and perform easy tasks:

Creating and making money on fake

In addition to SMMOK, use other similar systems. A complete list of sites with tasks for social networks is presented on the page "How to turn a hobby into earnings."

This way of making money on fakes has several drawbacks:

  • pages can quickly freeze;
  • you will need to log in through each profile separately;
  • balance is maintained separately for each account;
  • for repeated registrations can be blocked.

In order to avoid such problems, it is better to perform tasks through click sponsors. There, it is initially not known who has what page and the overall balance is maintained. Here is an example of suitable tasks with Seosprint:

Creating and making money on fake

When you open one of the tasks, detailed requirements appear, as well as information about what needs to be indicated in the report:

Creating and making money on fake

As you can see, the report requires you to specify a link to your account. That is, you can execute it from any profile, and then just point to the link to it. You can perform multiple tasks from several accounts at once, which is very convenient.

On Seosprint, the minimum remuneration to get decent pay for such work, look for jobs on Wmmail and


It is difficult to earn big money on simple tasks, therefore it is better to spend everything on promotion first. Earned and immediately invested everything in cheating friends, subscribers, reposts, and so on. If your fakes are well spun, the income from them will be much higher.

Earnings on promoted Vkontakte pages

First of all, register on Blogun and connect all your fake accounts to your profile.

If you have more than 100 friends, they will be accepted as advertising sites and, from time to time, you will receive offers for placing links and advertising posts. If not laziness, send applications to advertisers yourself.

It is even more profitable to use affiliate programs and by placing ads, to attract customers. For example, an online store of labels offers 35% from each sale by a attracted customer:

Creating and making money on fake

You offer users interesting stickers and protective covers for any devices, and with the money they spend, you credited percentage.

Affiliate programs have many services, so you can place various advertising products and services.

It’s not hard to make money on fakes , the most difficult thing is to quickly roll up a lot of accounts. Cheat in social. networks will save you a lot of time, but you have to pay for it or work.

But when you do the necessary work and unscrew a few pages well, they will begin to bring you income.

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