Creating a XAPO Wallet | Workion. ru

There is still a heightened interest in the Bitcoin currency and many users are trying to mine this cryptocurrency.

Our blog has an article about Bitcoin earnings, it describes the most popular ways to get this currency, and the main their part is the collection of bonuses (for entering captcha or surfing sites) and mining.

Bitcoin wallet, which I learned through popular faucets, and it turns out to be working since 2012 and managed to attract a huge amount of investment. In this system, many have already opened wallets and received small bonuses for this ( 0. 0001 BTC = 10 000 Satochi ).

Creating a XAPO Wallet | Workion. ru

Registering a XAPO Wallet

In general, creating an account for Bitcoins on this site is not difficult, but there are some points that I haven’t met before. After going to the XAPO website, you will see the usual form, where you need to enter your first and last name, and also specify the email address :

Creating a XAPO Wallet | Workion. ru

This step is simple, but Here at the second step I was surprised by the form of the installation of the pin code.

You need to enter it in the first 4 blocks:

Creating a XAPO Wallet | Workion. ru

As you see, you also need to create a password, agree with the rules and enter the captcha. There will be several checks here, the first one is activation via Email:

Creating a XAPO Wallet | Workion. ru

This email arrives, just hit the button and enter your profile. There you will see the following interface:

Creating a XAPO Wallet | Workion. ru

Bitcoin exchange rate is displayed against the dollar. As you can see, there is a button to buy Bitcoins. You can invest in cryptocurrency using your XAPO wallet, but before that pass verification.

Go to the Wallet tab, where your balance and three buttons are represented:

Creating a XAPO Wallet | Workion. ru

Click the first button and enter your phone number. Then you will need to send real data to complete the verification. This will open access to the Send button, where you can make Bitcoin transfers via email or to another BTC wallet:

Creating a XAPO Wallet | Workion. ru

The promised bonus of 10,000 Satoshi is given in two credits. The first 5000 come after verification, the second come for clicking on the social network buttons in your profile.

Well, in principle, and all the functionality of the wallet. Why has this system become so popular? Partly because there are no fees for depositing and withdrawing funds.

On Google Play, you can download a mobile application to manage your XAPO wallet.

Create a XAPO wallet and start earning Bitcoins on it. There is definitely a reason for this, now the rate has gone up again, and with the help of our instructions you will learn how to withdraw Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

It turns out that on some cranes they issue double bonuses, if the reward is charged on XAPO.

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