Creating a personality in a niche. Module 5. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

One of the biggest problems when people start to become active in the market is “who should they be?” Who are you? What are you? What are you applying for?

Rule # 1 - be

This is the most important thing I can tell you is to be yourself. Do not try to be someone else, copy someone else’s lifestyle, someone else’s approach to the market, live by someone else’s rule. It’s not yours. For a while, your personality will live with someone else's I. And then? How long will you stretch like that? ... You will begin to comprehend stress and frustration. You will feel discomfort and inconvenience Why etvorenie As the body reacts when he gets a foreign body he rejects it for this there is a whole system -.?. Just immunity in the case of a person she would fight "foreign bodies"...

When we start to stand out on a leading position in the market, we get out with our weaknesses and weaknesses. Our I have not gone anywhere. Snatching up your nose and considering yourself more important than others are weak features. Do not allow yourself to become a troll. Yes, you can not express your opinion on the forums, start up anti-advertising, humiliate others. Ugh ... But, what are you thinking? What is your opinion about competitors? Are you a troll? If you allow yourself a negative, then yes. A leader always respects his competitors. We can say that thanks to them you were on the first positions. Thanks to them. Yes, thanks to your competitors. It is clear that writing letters of thanks to competitors is wrong. It will look like sarcasm. I'm talking about attitude.

But I ...

"I can't speak English correctly. I have an accent. I don't know anything. I ..." Stop, stop, stop. Let's decide questions in turn. The fact that you do not know English is not a reason to leave the market. Do you know that 50% of people participating in the Challenge are not US residents? You have an accent - great. This sets you apart from the general mass of Americans. For example, I have an Australian accent. It's not about your language, but how you position yourself in a niche.

For example, on the radio, your language will stand out from the English. It's great. Your focus will be half the advertising work - stand out and be remembered. There is no need to follow examples. Arnold Schwazenegger did not practically know English when he arrived in the US In his first films, he barely spoke English. And he has an accent.

There are people who consider themselves freaks not attractive, especially women who commit such an opinion. The existence of such an opinion is the fault of society. Oh, those trolls. The market is not a beauty salon. Miss Universe or Mr. USA are not chosen here, etc. This is not Hollywood. The market is ruled by information.

Do not pretend to be an expert

When you are asked a question you cannot answer, how will this affect your reputation as an expert? An expert can not know his business. Better be an enthusiast. Then you can answer "Now I can not answer your question. I will find the answer for you". You kept the client. And the answer is easier to find. The Internet knows everything.

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