Creating a floating menu on Wordpress, Joomla

Sites with a floating menu look much more attractive, but in order for the menu not to scroll along with the page, but to be in a certain place, a lot of special knowledge is not required. Creating a floating menu is not a complicated process that takes quite a bit of time.

For WordPress sites, a floating menu can be created using a special plug-in. This plugin is called Floating Menu, and you can download it on the official website, it is free. Easy settings allow you to quickly get exactly what you need.

Creating a floating menu on Wordpress, Joomla

Floating menu

Platforms located on the Joomla engine can get a floating menu thanks to the JR Following Menu module. This module is outdated and only suitable for Joomla version 1. 5 so it may not be suitable for you.

Creating a floating menu is possible without modules at all. To do this, you need to use a special code:

Creating a floating menu on Wordpress, Joomla

As you can see, it is enough just to set a fixed position for a particular object, in our case for the menu. In the code shown in the image, the values โ€‹โ€‹of 15 and 5 pixels are set, which indicates the location of the floating menu in the lower right corner of the site.

You can set your own value in these fields and thereby move the floating menu on the site, setting it in a suitable area.

Also, to create a floating menu, you can download the Portamento plugin (http: // simianstudios. Com / portamento /), the hcSticky plugin, or use the special code presented on http: // manos. malihu gr / jquery-floating-menu /. There are lots of ways to create a floating menu, and there is nothing complicated about installing it.

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