Cpazilla Affiliate Program

Earning through affiliate programs, most users have several sites at once, but they can be of different subjects.

You have to look for separate affiliate programs for different target audiences, but there is one type of site whose affiliate programs fit for almost any traffic - these are dating sites.

Every popular dating site has an affiliate program, and the conditions are different everywhere. The Photo Story Affiliate Program is one of the best options for traffic conversion, as this project is very popular.

Every day thousands of new users are registered on the resource, and if you start attracting them, then the income is provided to you.

How to make money on Fotostrana?

The developers of this project present it as an entertainment social network, but most people use it for dating. In addition, there are interesting applications that are actively played by registered participants. Namely, for active use of applications there is a partnership reward .

Previously, Fotostrana had an Fotocash affiliate program, but now it has been completely transferred to.

Cpazilla Affiliate Program

After registration, you will be able to use a couple of offers for applications from this social network, under the following conditions:

Application "Dating - Service meeting ".

Pay from 1. 2 to 75 rubles, for each active user. The status of the active attracted participant receives, if you specified the age, rated another user, uploaded the avatar and confirmed the email.

The remuneration depends on the age and gender of the person involved:

Cpazilla Affiliate Program

As you can see, the highest pay is made for men from Russia aged 45 and over. To invite referrals, you can pour traffic from virtually any source - doorway pages, social networks, contextual advertising, and so on.

Virtual Pets application.

This application is simple, so attracting people here is easier, but the payment is lower. You will receive from 1 to 16 rubles, if the person you have invited has confirmed the email inbox, entered the application, created the pet and reached the first level.

The amount of payment also depends on the parameters of gender, age and geographic location:

Cpazilla Affiliate Program

Traffic is received from many countries, and you can also use different sites (as in previous offer).

Owners of many different sites can convert traffic through Fotostranu. Payments from the affiliate program come on Thursdays, the minimum amount is 300 rubles and there is an option for withdrawal to Webmoney.

Think carefully about where you can get such traffic from; a great example is Odnoklassniki, where many adults are registered, and the older the participants, the higher the payment.

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