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CPA Marketing - Yahoo Search Marketing - Profit Hunter We continue to study CPA marketing through the lens of PPC campaigns. After the content network, Google Ruck decided to uncover the secrets of Yahoo Search Marketing.


Before you start exploring the Yahoo search network, I want to give you a couple of useful resources, on which the success of your PPC campaigns on the Yahoo search network will largely depend. (All English resources are note.) This is the official Yahoo Search blog and free guide for advertisers.

Payment for placing ads

The payment scheme for placing ads in the Yahoo advertising network is slightly different from its counterpart in Google AdWords, so you should get acquainted with it in advance. You also need to understand the basics of campaign budget, daily limits and billing. You can read all about it here. Keep in mind that Yahoo also allows you to pay for ads through PayPal.

Yahoo's ad types

The Yahoo ad network includes search and content networks . I have never placed ads on the content network. The reason for this is the quality of sites on which I most often met Yahoo ad units.

CPA Marketing - Yahoo Search Marketing - Profit Hunter

Judging from the main page, the Yahoo search engine is initially targeted to users who need to kill time rather than find information. Here you have news, mail, and Yahoo Answers, and a weather forecast ... All this leaves its mark on which offers you need to select for PPC campaigns at Yahoo.

If you put everything together: entertainment offers, not the highest quality content network and flaws in search algorithms (geo-targeting in Yahoo is just not perfect, as in Google), you will understand why I don’t want to use the content network for your ads. Naturally, this is nothing more than my personal opinion, and you can always verify this by running one or two trial campaigns.

Entry into international markets

Not many people are talking about this, and even less so not many people write. But since I promised to reveal all the cards, I cannot shut up this aspect of working with the Yahoo ad network. I know that this may cause resentment of some CPA-entrepreneurs, but nevertheless ... Here is a page that you should definitely bookmark and study carefully.

As for international offers, open the list of CPA offers in any of the networks in which you are registered, and view the list of email / zip offers. In the absolute ratio of international offers, it can be 3-4 times more than offers tailored to US traffic. You can work with British, Canadians, Australians. If you know other languages ​​besides English, so much the better: you will find there are offers for Italy, Spain, Turkey, etc.

These offers open up great opportunities for you, because the competition in them is lower than in offers, intended for residents of the United States.

Hot news, trends and markets

If you are already used to the American market, working with other countries may cause some discomfort. Do not pay much attention to this, it happens often ... even with me. To worry less, study the market (the original article is a note) and talk with your affiliate manager, if you already have one. Ideas for PPC campaigns can be found on the Yahoo Buzz and Yahoo Buzzlog sites. Rumor has it that soon, Yahoo is going to reanimate the Buzzlog for the UK and Ireland.

The Internet and the earning potential therein are huge, but there are also a huge number of people like you and me who want to make money on it, so you will constantly have to look for new ways and methods. Try to be creative.

In the next article, I’ll tell you what offers work in Yahoo Search and how to launch PPC campaigns so that you have no problems.

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