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We continue the topic on CPA marketing. Today, Ruck talks about which offers work best in the Yahoo Search advertising network and how best to present them so that they do not fall under suspicion of Yahoo moderators.


Yahoo, to put it mildly, does not welcome advertising promoting zip / email offers. This is a fact with which nothing can be done. Of course, this does not mean that it is impossible to promote such offers through Yahoo Search, I just want to remind you that CPA is not limited to just zip / email offers, there are cost-per-sale , downloads and so on. The latter are easier to promote through the Yahoo advertising network, but for the purity of the experiment I will still focus on email / zip offers. They also work, you just need to put a little more effort.

So let's get started.

The first thing you should notice is the Yahoo quality score (quality score). This indicator works imperfectly, but in any case it is in your interest to keep it at the highest level. To do this, you will have to come to grips with optimizing advertising campaigns.

When thinking about your advertising campaign, you must make the following statements:

  1. Yahoo cannot tolerate email / zip offers.
  2. You need a good CTR and a high quality score.

To solve a quality score problem, always break key phrases into small relevant groups, as we did for the Google content network. Personally, I never managed to bring the campaign to a plus, if it had several hundred keywords and only one landing page. By and large, such a “general” approach does not work anywhere (except for cases when the optimizer tries to trick the search engine through an artificial increase in the density of key phrases, invisible text and cloaking).

Do not be afraid you need to create several (dozens of) landing pages for the same offer, especially if you are going to work in such competitive niches as finance or dating sites. It's good that with the help of special programs (for example, LPGen) you can make hundreds of them.

T For example, you can create a landing page for each individual city and collect your own keyword groups for such pages. Here, Yahoo has an advantage over Google: Yahoo perceives landing pages better (with the condition that you will not collect personal data on this page visitors).

From my personal experience, I can say that for landing pages in Yahoo Search it’s best to use images and other creative ideas. Unfortunately, this requires an additional click from the visitor, but with the right approach, the profit from such pages can be huge.

Now I will try to explain what I mean. CPA marketing initially requires an entrepreneur to be able to adapt to the target audience. If you can not imagine yourself in the shoes of a student / gamer / housewife, this type of income is unlikely to suit you. Here are some examples of offers that can give a good exhaust in the Yahoo advertising network.

CPA Marketing - Working With Yahoo Search - Profit Hunter

Note: Recently, Yahoo allows you to put direct links on landing pages (direct linking ). However, as long as I did not try to use different frames and cloaca, such campaigns quickly died. That is why I recommend creating a landing page. This does not always save the campaign from the ban, but in most cases it still works.

Without going into details, I’ll say that for me personally, the biggest profits in Yahoo Search are offered by entertainment entertainment . I can not say why, but I guess that this is due to the very nature of Yahoo. First, the Yahoo home page itself has this to it. com. Secondly, if you look at the most popular requests in Yahoo Buzz, you will notice that entertainment requests do not come out from the first lines: games, musicians, celebrities, etc.

Now let's go back to how you have to adjust yourself. I always start with the fact that I quickly run over the offers and see which ones can go well with Yahoo. As a rule, these are various downloads, games and other entertainment offers . Having looked through the list in NeverBlue, I found offers from Xbox 360 and Funcard (images of banners, see above). I liked their banners (originally 720x300) and the size of the pay per action.

The offer from the Xbox 360 Elite is an email / zip offer, from Funcard - no. I’ve added the last offer just to show you which CPA offers work for Yahoo. As you already know, Yahoo does not welcome email / zip offers, so to avoid problems, I take the Xbox 360 banner and paste it into a simple template. Usually I make black fields, inside of which I place the title, text content and image. This landing page is the link between the advertisement and the offer page.

Here, knowledge of the market and the right advertising text play a big role. Since I myself have been playing Halo 1, 2 and 3 games for the past few years, I know that the banner with the offer of getting the Xbox 360 Elite for free and in addition to it the toy Halo 3 will surely attract the attention of a typical gamer. Especially if you write a good title and make up the text correctly (the banner should be inside the text, not at the very bottom or top).

Also avoid the word FREE . Use the following synonyms: Giveaway , Claim Yours , Get One , and so on. The word free will definitely attract attention from the editors of Yahoo and if they visit your landing page, they will most likely find that you are promoting an email / zip offer and will close the campaign.

Of course, the landing page does not provide a long-term solution for zip / email campaigns, although if you prefer to work with email / zip offers, you already know that this business is more like a sprint than a marathon.

Offers cost-per-sale

For such offers, I create landing pages on which I make a small overview of the three paid products . I did not choose the number 3 by chance: testing pages with one or five reviews showed their lower efficiency. 1 product does not give visitors a choice, and five disperse his attention.

When selecting cost-per-sale offers, I remember the entertainment industry. View the most popular searches and stories in Yahoo Buzz. Many of them are somehow connected with gossip and rumors about celebrities. And what is needed for those who are looking for savory news about their idols? That's right, photos, videos and other wow content about their idols. Do not think, I am not an expert on gossip and I am not a regular visitor to fan clubs and other sites where they talk about stars, but I sometimes go there to find out what exactly the potential clickers of my ad need to write the advertising text correctly.

The Internet is full of girls who want to act like Britney, look like Britney, and even wear things that Britney wears. So I can offer fans of the goods that will help make their shape slim, skin tender, and hair silky - so that they have everything like Britney. Of course, this is a slightly exaggerated example and it is not quite suitable for CPA marketing, but there are some offers in CPA networks that allow you to make good money on fans and rumors and gossip fans.

As for the landing page with mini-reviews, you can tie a rating system to this page. It can be 5 stars, or 10 strokes, or anything else - the main thing is to show that some product is better than another and create the impression of a real vote.

In conclusion, I must say that the rules of the Yahoo ad network are very unstable, so from time to time you will have to contact support, which, by the way, responds to criticism and feedback much faster than Google.

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