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Google AdWords and Yahoo Search are already covered, it now remains to deal with MSN AdCenter. On MSN, AdCenter Ruck ran two articles, the first of which I translate today.


(translation from the first person)


First of all, you need to get a closer look at MSN AdCenter. To do this, visit their AdCenter Community Blog blog and re-read the archive over the past year. Knowing what changes have been made by the company lately, you can better understand the internal kitchen of their advertising network. You also need to learn the FAQ for advertisers. You must absolutely understand how each ad network works. How does your money stand at stake?

MSN users and ad placement

Perhaps reading my articles you think PPC is an easy walk. Yes, for me by and large this is true, but I have been in this business for almost three years, and have spent a lot of time launching new campaigns, testing them, new launches and new testing. Therefore, even though I give advice that not all PPC entrepreneurs share, you should understand that different niches require a different approach, therefore, you will have to customize my recommendations for your own needs.

Based on my own experience, I can say that the best exhaust is given by ads that take 1-3 position on page (above the results of search results). And I don’t want my ads to appear in the ad unit on the right. Now I will explain why.

If you divide search engine users into groups, then MSN users - slowpokes - will be at one end of the spectrum, and Google users - advanced - at the opposite. No, do not think, in no way do I want to insult those who use the MSN search engine. This conclusion was made by me on the basis of the following fact: the MSN search engine is installed by default on computers of the finished assembly. In the past, I worked for a while at Wal-Mart, where I was engaged in the distribution and delivery of goods in a network of 50 Wal-Mart stores and several of their major centers. So for all 5 years that I worked there, I have not seen any computers on which the MSN search engine would not be on by default. This is how MSN captures its market share.

And what about those who buy a computer in an assembly? At least the fact that they are clearly not among the advanced users. I, like all of you, have all the machines assembled in parts on the spot, and all the software is customized. In this scenario, the MSN search engine on your computer simply has no place - it is good for nothing. Not that other search engines shine, but this one is generally bad.

Ready-made assemblies, as a rule, are not expensive, and therefore they are most often bought by people who are not going to use them for solving important tasks and do not have much knowledge of the Internet. That is why 1-3 position in MSN will bring you more income than 1-3 position in Google, where more advanced audience lives, which is not so easy to make click on advertising and even harder to get profit from it.

Dynamic insertion of keywords

This is quite a difficult topic, which I will not write here (if you're interested, read the FAQ and / or the official MSN AdCenter blog). The only thing I want to say is that this function is not suitable for PPC-to-CPA campaigns. It’s another thing if you use it as an affiliate marketing tool, but that’s a completely different story. To compile a list of keywords for dynamic insertion, I use the SpeedPPC tool. The only thing you need to remember here is that if after inserting a keyword the title length exceeds 25 characters, the ads will not be shown.

Matching keywords

It’s not a secret that the more precisely the match between a search query and your ad, the better. Still, you need a big profit, not a large number of clicks. However, at the testing stage you can check the exhaust from ads not only by exact ( exact ), but also by general and phrase matches ( broad and phrase match ). It’s good that MSN allows you to put different bids on different types of requests, i.e. you can put a low bid on an exact request and get high profit with low traffic volumes and put a higher bid and get less profit with more transitions.

Also, remember that MSN allows you to add and / or remove negative keywords for each keyword.

That's all for now. In the next post I will talk about keywords, testing and targeting campaigns. I will also highlight several tactics that will allow you to make quick money with the help of the MSN ad network.

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