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In March, Ruck, the author of the Cash Tactics blog, launched a series of CPA (cost-per-action) lessons. According to him, this course will cover all aspects of working with CPA programs and reflect his own experience with them. Since his Internet entrepreneurship experience is huge, I thought that this information might be useful to you, and therefore I contacted him and received approval to translate the entire series (and other materials from his blog).

The list of lessons (updated as new entries appear):

  1. Introduction.
  2. Google PPC -. CPA
  3. Offer selection
  4. Search for keywords
  5. Answers to questions on searching for keywords
  6. Bidding and affiliate links
  7. Yahoo Search Marketing
  8. Working with Yahoo Search
  9. Additional sources of keywords
  10. Working with MSN AdCenter
  11. MSN AdCenter - keywords, targeting, etc.
  12. Placement Targeting Campaigns
  13. The Google Search Network and Quality Score
  14. Adwords Account and Quality Score

CPA Marketing - Profit Hunter


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