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By the way, the CPA-marketing series fits well into the context of the Spring Marathon, since the PPC topic will also be touched on there. Anyway, Ruck's advice is universal and CPA is far from all for which they can be applied.


(First-person translation.)

Placement-targeted advertising campaigns are the easiest way to get cheap clicks on Google. On the other hand, such campaigns with the wrong approach can literally ruin you. There is not so much information in free access that explains how to properly apply this type of advertising (I have seen it only in paid products - note).

I have a folder that looks like I’ve put it into the pool several times. So in this folder are stored success stories and failures of other Internet entrepreneurs. I must say that most of the cases where someone’s business has been scattered around are accounted for just by Adwords campaigns with placement targeting. I also had dark streaks. But I made the right conclusions and want to share them with you.

Placement-targeted campaigns were created by Google so that you can place your ads on selected sites in the Google AdWords content network. Thanks to this innovation, you can choose the sites where your ad will hang. First, the basis for payment for advertising was the principle of CPM (pay per thousand impressions). Now you can also pay for clicks.

A couple of useful tips:

  1. I try not to advertise on sites as a whole - only on separate pages , because if your ad will be on all pages of the site with an audience of 100k unique per day, you will have to explain to your relatives for a long time what happened to those $ 300 + bucks, which, in your words, should have made a huge profit.
  2. I don’t pay for clicks - only for impressions . I somehow tried to play with pay per click, but none of my campaigns came to life. Why i do not know. I called the support service many times, but I never received a clear answer.

From these two assumptions the following conclusion follows: you have to put such a bid in order to knock out all the competitors and fully occupy the ad unit on the page that interests you. If you want to occupy block 336? 250 in the upper left corner, raise the bid until your ad displaces other ads.

The question arises: how to do it or, to be more precise, how to do it correctly? I do not know the exact answer. Google does everything to hide it from us. The only way out is to test and track the results.

First, I cannot find out which of the blocks my ad will fall into. If I knew this, I could somehow tweak my bids. Secondly, I can’t put the bid on every single page (this problem was solved by his readers, the answer is this link).

Considering that ads are distributed dynamically across the entire content network according to the budget specified, other advertisers compete with you, who sharpen advertisements for both placements and keywords, Google adds its quality score here and several more no one known factors, find out why your ads are still inactive, very difficult.

Research, research, and again research

Placement-targeted campaigns require special attention and take longer than other types of campaigns. However, they can give you traffic for 1-2 cents, therefore, it is worthwhile to deal with them. First of all you need to analyze in detail the offer that you are going to promote. If there is not enough demand for your offer, you should not start a campaign. This is not a test campaign in the Google content network or the search network Yahoo and MSN. When you work with placements, it may take more than 6 hours for your ads to stop showing. I happened and such that "stopped" advertising hung on sites for about a day. Think about what can happen if you pay $ 5 per 1000 impressions, advertise on sites that attract up to 200k unique per day, and nobody needs your offer. That's the same thing.

Therefore, first of all, contact the affiliate manager and find out which offers show good EPC (earnings per click) in the search network. Of course, you may not be given specific information on offers, especially if you are a beginner. If this happens, ask at least what types of offers are good in the search network, and take the answer as a basis. If you find a profitable niche right from the start, consider that 99% of your competitors are over.

Let's summarize ...

At the moment, we are aiming not at sites, but at specific pages . You must raise the bid enough to knock out competitors from these pages.If you do not, your ad will remain inactive. However, it may happen that you go to bed and find out in the morning that your bid has fired and now your ads are where they are supposed to be. As I said, there are many factors involved, and you should not forget about it.

When launching placement-targeted campaigns, you must achieve the maximum possible CTR . Without this in any way. You should know that some campaigns will require very close attention. You will have to check them every few hours. If you have many such campaigns, tracking them can take a very long time. But you have to understand that you are paying for impressions, not for clicks, that is, you can easily get just a couple of clicks from a thousand impressions, although you will pay the same $ 5. Consequently, you risk a lot. That is why you need to study in detail the demand for an offer.

Clicks and Conversion

I have already said that in my advertisements I try to explain to people in as much detail as possible what I want from them. This, I think, contributes to an increase in conversion. But now you need to turn around 180 degrees and write such an advertisement that will collect a maximum of clicks! This is a feature of placement targeting. After all, you pay for impressions, therefore, your task is to get as many clicks as possible . Of course, then you will have to convert this traffic somehow, but you have to get it first, right? If your headlines and advertising texts are not convincing enough, you will lose a lot of money.

How to search for placements?

Finding them is much easier than a good product / offer. If you need a free tool (by the way, I still use it, although I also have paid apps), here's my advice:

Open Google, Yahoo and MSN. Whatever your offer, you should have a list of keywords for it. You can use the same list that you made for keyword-targeted campaigns (with the exception of domain name variations). Run each keyword through all three search engines. It will take some time (and this is one of the main reasons why I use paid apps).

Do a search on each word in three search engines and see the output: both search and advertising. Only do not click on someone else's advertising . You will receive traffic for less money (if you do your homework diligently), so there is no need to increase their expenses just because you are too lazy to right-click on the title and open the site in a new window.

On sites, you need to look for AdSense ad units. I prefer 336 × 250 blocks in the upper left or right corner, but there are no rules here. You will have to choose what suits you best.

Be very careful with Yahoo and MSN

The Google content network is also not a fountain, but it’s not at all in Yahoo and MSN. The arbitration did not disappear anywhere, as the pages did not disappear, until the refusal was filled with advertising. Such pages can become for you both a gold bottom, and a bottomless barrel. If you, for example, want to put an advertisement on the arbitration page, sharpened by a high-frequency request, and you manage to knock out competitors, then you have every chance to get a good CTR and attract a lot of traffic. Now let's assume your offer is great. If you have a lot of clicks and few leads with such an offer, the site is a bottomless barrel, and if there are a lot of clicks and a lot of leads, there is a gold mine. That's all.

I have nothing against arbitration, but I myself try not to advertise on arbitration pages, since the essence of such pages is to make a profit from clicks on advertising, which means that someone is closely following the page and trying to merge into it what is only possible traffic, including traffic from search engines of the 2nd and 3rd levels.

My Tools

Here they are:

  • Site Sniper Pro (paid)
  • Adwords180 CPM Scanner (paid)
  • Adsense Finder (free)

They noticeably increase the speed of searching pages with AdSense blocks. But I still advise you to personally go through all the links that they will give you. You need to know where your ad will be. If the block is located in the 2nd screen and below, I immediately remove the site from the list.

Direct links or landing pages

I only use direct links, frames or cloacas, but this does not mean that you cannot use these same techniques for creating a subscription list.

In the next post, I’ll talk about how to set up a placement-targeted campaign.

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