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CPA Marketing - Offer Selection - Profit Hunter (Continuation of the series. Article in the original here.)

They say that those who know many key phrases earn. This is true, but only half. It will be correct to say: “He who earns a lot of profitable key phrases”.

Key words / phrases are the foundation of affiliate marketing. Regardless of what you focus on: SEO or PPC, the ultimate success of your endeavors depends on them. Very often, PPC entrepreneurs have to chase away hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of keywords to find a dozen of them who literally make them rich. It takes time, money, patience and ability to track results . However, it is worth it: when the nugget If it is found, it will start to make you almost money on the machine.

People use search engines every day, but their search methods are not always the same. A key that brings profit to Google can fall through to Yahoo or MSN and vice versa. With this nothing you can’t help it. So when you make your first keyword list, optimize it for Google . (But don’t forget about other methods of driving traffic.)

If you want to make money using PPC -. CPA, you simply are required to develop search engine skills and develop strategies for finding keywords. Without it, you only lose time and money. You already have a detailed list of tools and resources that you may need, but how you work with them depends only on you.

Role-playing and offer choice

This may seem silly, but you can't do without it. You will have to put yourself in the shoes of a person who perfectly matches the CPA proposal and learn how to think like him. As an example, Ruck chose the Final Payoff offer (to view the page, use a proxy, a list of proxies can be found on the website) with NeverBlue. This offer pays $ 1. 75 for one e-mail address and invites visitors to participate in the draw of $ 50,000 for college. $ 1. 75 is not the biggest money, but many advertisers offer even less for the same e-mail - up to $ 1. 25.

Keep in mind that the more leads you can attract to this (or any other) offer, the higher your chances that the CPA network will raise the payout, say, to $ 2. 00 or you can even contact the advertiser and work with him directly. (In such cases, the advertiser creates a separate page or site to which the entrepreneur then drains all his PPC traffic.) If you are new, work with the network, but if you already have (or when you have) enough potential, start looking for direct advertisers.

Now your task is to get into the skin of a typical entrant or college student. Consider whether this offer can lure them (and if so, with what). Statistically, in the USA there are a lot of young people who are already studying or are just going to go to college, so the potential of this niche is huge . Now it only remains to figure out how to use it.

In the next part of the course, Ruck will talk in detail about how to make a list of keywords for a future PPC campaign.

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