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CPA Marketing - MSN AdCenter - Keywords, Targeting, etc. - Profit Hunter Recently, Ruck began to write more actively to the blog and went somewhat into the lead. I will try to keep up 🙂

In this article, the author gives some tips on how best to use MSN AdCenter.


(translation from the first person)

With regard to the search and selection of keywords, AdCenter is not much different from its older brothers: Google Adwords and Yahoo Search. The only thing that needs to be noted here is that you may have difficulty with campaigns that use key words with typos and variations of domain names. It’s not that MSN prohibits using such keywords, for some reason their bots do not rush to activate such campaigns.

There have been cases when I created up to several hundred landing pages, each of which was sharpened for one keyword (using the SpeedPPC program), only to make sure once again that MSN bots are very far from the ideal. I had to call support service, redo campaigns and re-launch them, and only after that they started working.

In general, if you have the time and the necessary tools, it is best to follow the rule " one key phrase - one landing page ". Of course, you can sharpen landing pages with a few keywords, but in this case you should do saturation of pages with keywords (keyword stuffing). This is not the whitest method, but it works on the MSN ad network. Just add a list of keywords to the meta tags, or even better add them to the text and make them invisible (using color or divs).

If your ads remain inactive for a long time, call for support (the language of communication is English). This is the fastest way to solve a problem.

Targeting in MSN

Targeting MSN gives us some advantages. When users create profiles in MSN services (MSN Messenger, Hotmail, etc.), they indicate their gender and age. AdCenter, in turn, allows you to sharpen advertising campaigns for a certain age group and indicate the gender of potential customers!

Moreover, when you specify the cost of bids, you will see a special section SET INCREMENTAL PRICING FOR TARGETING ( set bids value for target groups). With this feature, you can show your ads exclusively to men or women and / or members of a certain age group. This is especially important if you work in niches such as video games or education.

A few useful tips

Based on my own experience, I can say that mini-reviews work very well in the MSN advertising network (pages describing three similar products). The reason for this is relatively low competition and the ability to create a wide list of keywords (there are not only one product, but three of them).

In MSN, as in Yahoo, entertaining offers also provide good exhaust. Therefore, you can safely promote through MSN AdCenter email / zip offers. Regarding frames, cloaking and redirects, for MSN I use frames . The only drawback here is that the frame page is difficult to stuff with keywords (see above). As a solution, you can score with meta-tags or add an article or any other optimized text under the frame. This is another reason I suggest using a separate landing page for each keyword phrase.

For useful AdCenter resources, visit the following links:

  • Advertising Solutions
  • Content Advertising
  • Ad Programs
  • Ad Opportunities

I also want to note that in the MSN ad network there is a separate category under xBox. If you are going to work with a game theme, I advise you to pay attention to it.

In the following sections, we’ll go back to Google, but this time we’ll talk about search networks and placement-targeted campaigns.

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