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CPA Marketing - Keyword Search Questions Answers - Profit Hunter Ruck's original post about searching for keywords for a PPC campaign caused a lot of questions from an English-speaking audience, so he wrote a separate note where he tried to answer the most basic ones. Surely you will also be interested to hear.


I’m sure that for some of you, using variations of domain names as keywords has been a revelation, so I must make some explanations. As part of testing the CPA offer, we rely on variations of domain names within the campaign targeting keywords . This means that www. whatever. com and all its variations are keywords, and they all belong to a separate ad group. Accordingly, a separate ad group must also be created for each individual domain.

You say that campaigns targeting variations of domain names are relatively cheap. Why?

Because in most cases advertisers do not use this technique.

Why do you use variations of domain names in the content network?

See above. I know how we all use search engines. Many of us type the site address not in the address bar, but in the search bar. And in the sites from the issuance of such requests, the competition is lower, therefore, you have to pay less for clicks.

Does anyone really make websites whose content is geared towards phrases like ww scholarships com ?

Everything is simple here. Copy this phrase into the Google search box and see the issue. The sites are clearly greater than zero, are they? Here, the matter is more likely not in what phrases webmasters sharpen their sites, but in how Google itself looks at these sites and which phrases it highlights from the text.

I always thought you were betting on placements. I myself always indicate on which sites my ads should appear.

We are not talking about placement targeting right now. This is a completely different way of working with Google Adwords. Now we are worried about keyword targeting.

You say that geo-targeting for individual countries does not work perfectly. But is geo-targeting ideal for individual states?

I wouldn’t trust Google’s algorithms in either the first or second case, but every time I manually add all the states, I see a decrease in the number of clicks from -for limits of the USA by 80-90%. Sometimes I don’t have such clicks at all. But I also had geo-targeting campaigns in the United States when traffic from other countries came to my ads.

Do I understand correctly that all variations of domain names are allocated to a separate ad group? And then what to do with typos? Do you take them into account? Do you create a separate ad group for them?

For each domain name, I create a separate ad group that includes all its variations (one or two dozen phrases). Now we are at the testing stage, so I do not take typographical errors into account. The main key phrases and variations of domain names are enough.

You say you should go to sites like Yahoo Groups or Yahoo Answers. Tell me what to look for and what to do with the information received.

Any market research is better than no research at all. An example of important information may be questions asked by students and applicants who want to get a scholarship. You need to know the answers to these questions so that you can build on them when writing headlines and ad text.

Tag. title. On the page with the frame is placed above the code of the frame that you specified? As for the address in the ad, do you specify the address of the original site with an offer or your page with a frame?

Yes, the tag. title. and other tags must be placed above or below the frame code. Regarding the address in the ad, you must specify the address of your page. The frame turns your page into a mirror of the advertiser's site.

Do you first choose an offer, and then go to the website of Yahoo Groups or first study the groups and check the potential of individual niches and then choose an offer? If you take an offer without first researching a niche, how can you determine which one will bring profit and which one will not?

Honestly, I rarely research the market before launching a campaign, and I launch 3-5 campaigns per day. Based on my 2-year experience, I can say that there is no universal method for determining profitability, so all of them have to be tested. That is why I pay so much attention to cost per click.

What results can we expect from ad groups sharpened by the variation of domain names?

Here are a couple of screenshots. This is a general result:

CPA Marketing - Keyword Search Questions Answers - Profit Hunter

And this is the result for a particular ad group:

CPA Marketing - Keyword Search Questions Answers - Profit Hunter

In most cases, these ads appear on pages where there is a link to the domains of interest to us.Variations of domain names work in all niches without exception where there are sites with contextual advertising blocks. Of course, there were not so many clicks, but I earned twice as much from them as I spent. (Along the way, $ 500 a day for testing is nothing more than Ruck's preference, based on his personal experience. You can start with much smaller amounts - note.)

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