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CPA Marketing - Keyword Search - Profit Hunter Another part of the CPA-marketing course arrived. In general, Ruck works like a machine, only manage to translate after it 🙂

Now all translations will be in the first person, so, I think, it is more convenient and more understandable. I took all the terminology from the Google Learning Center, so don’t be intimidated by phrases like content network or with placement targeting . They are taken from the office. google site.

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So let's get started ...


Before you start looking for keywords, you had to put yourself in the place of an applicant for a while or student and imbued with his thoughts and emotions. Ideally, you should go to sites like Yahoo Groups or Yahoo Answers and see what they say about student scholarships. This stage is very important, and soon I will explain to you why.

Now let's start searching for keywords. Do not rush to include programs to search for keywords. Many say this, but I will repeat it again: about 40% of all search queries are unique. If you start using special programs from the start, you will miss what I’m going to tell you now. It is very important from the very beginning to set up the process of selecting keywords so that in the end you do not lose them (and, accordingly, do not lose traffic). I don’t know if there is a universal method for this, or not, but the method I’ll tell you about in this post works great for me personally. And I have been in this business for about 2 years.

Let's start with the Google content network

First of all, you should pay attention to the Google content network . It will become your research site. I understand perfectly well that even with narrowly targeted ads and ad groups, a certain amount of garbage traffic will go to your offer. To minimize the proportion of such traffic and campaign costs, I use certain filters.

I have been testing offers with the help of the content network for quite some time and the results are fine with me. In case of failure of the trial campaign, I stop working with the offer. Naturally, a negative result does not say anything about the quality of the offer itself, but I prefer not to delve into working with such CPA-offers.

The main task of advertising in the content network is to check the potential of the offer. Here, of course, I take into account the fact that in advertising I put a direct link to the offer and in no way prepare visitors for what they see on the site. You should keep this in mind, because all offers are different, as well as the target audience for which they are designed.


The first sketches for the list of keywords should have appeared at your place when you first looked at the offer site. Some ideas can be gathered from the source code of such sites, but, as a rule, they are not so well optimized to be at least as useful. Therefore, in the search for keywords you will have to rely on their strength. Let's look at the offer page again.

CPA Marketing - Keyword Search - Profit Hunter

This is what immediately occurred to me.

  • college scholarship
  • free college scholarship
  • pay for college (how to pay for college) (help pay for college) (grants to pay for college)
  • college scholarship money
  • college financial aid

Now I have a base that I can get through the Keyword Tool. For example, I entered the phrase pay for college and Google gave me 81 phrases that he considered relevant to my request (do not forget to change the geography of the request - where Russian, Russian Federation is a note) . It is not necessary to add them all. Some of them are clearly not suitable for us. Here's what I left:

  • best way to pay for college
  • can me pay pay for college
  • help pay for college
  • help to pay for college
  • 44> money for
  • pay for college
  • for
  • pay for college
  • ways to pay for college

Now these phrases need to be diversified and divided into several ad groups. I do not immediately throw these keywords into the content network (otherwise I risk losing money). First, I study the first words in long key phrases.

Here it is:

way / ways, help, money, pay, how

These little words speak volumes. They show how to create ad groups and write advertising text so that visitors can react to it. Similarly, with long keywords.Each of them requires a special approach.

Now that I have, say, 5 keywords, I need a list of additional keywords for each of them. To do this, I open the Keyword Tool again and enter the phrase ways to pay for college .

Here’s the result:

  • The best ways to pay for college
  • >
  • creative ways to pay for college
  • ways to pay for college
  • ways to pay for college
  • ways to pay for college
  • ways
  • This list allows me to create a narrow group ads and gives you an idea of ​​what my ads should be. Now we need to filter the content network to minimize garbage traffic. After you create the first ad group, return to the place where you specified the geography of the ads. Obviously, we need only North American traffic, but just pointing out the USA is not enough!

    Adwords is not perfect, what to speak of its content network. Because of their geo-targeting, I constantly had clicks in the logs that never reached the target, because visitors are outside the United States. Now you have to go back and select cities and states separately. This is not my invention, if you want, you can check for yourself.

    In addition, you should clearly and clearly let the visitors know what you need from them. As a rule, I make one announcement, which describes in detail the offer, and another, which I aim at attracting clicks. Then I track the results and choose what is best converted.

    CPA Marketing - Keyword Search - Profit Hunter

    As you see, the first announcement gives the visitor to understand that he will need to enter his e-mail and what he can receive for this. In most cases, these ads bring the maximum profit. The second announcement is more generalized - there is no word scholarship (scholarship) in it. Some visitors might think that this is just a rally of money, although, given the double mention of the word "college", such an announcement should also work. Create two different ads and compare the results.

    So, to get the most out of the Google content network You must firstly select the states where the ads will be shown and, secondly, show what the essence of the offer is in. Of course, this will significantly reduce the total amount of clicks, however these clicks will be targeted . You don't need traffic on your own, you earnings , right?

    Now you have to repeat the same process for each keyword from the original list. You should maximize the return on your ads, even though the content quality indicator network allegedly does not apply. But no matter what we are doing right now, we are only testing the offer.

    Now you need a domain and hosting to create a “direct link” for the offer. To do this, I insert a frame in several lines into the code of the page (copy it into a text editor and replace the quotation marks - note):

    . frameset rows = ”100%, *” border = ”0 ″.
    . frame src = ”Affiliate link” frameborder = ”0 ″ /.
    . frame frameder = ”0 ″ noresize /.
    . / frameset.

    This frame "moves" the offer to my hosting. Some companies prohibit doing this, but most have nothing against it. After you insert the code, check if the page is displayed correctly. If something happens so, you will definitely notice this. Either the page will be distorted, or it will redirect you to the original site. You can also add a title, description and keywords to the page (in meta-tags). For the content network this should be enough.

    Paste all this code into the index .html file and upload it to the server. As you can see, your website will consist of one page on which the offer will be located. As a rule, I buy a domain corresponding to the niche to which the offer belongs, and upload the index file to the html with the frame, then I create a folder, copy there I upload the same file to the domain. So I always know what offers I work with at the moment. As a result, the URL for the offer looks like this: www. whatever. com / College .

    The domain must be short enough to fit into the advertisement along with a slash (/) and the folder name.

    Domain Names

    This is the goldmine of profitable keywords. Few people use this method, although it has been repeatedly spoken about. Goer Shodri, the author of the PayPerClickFormula course, calls this the “Alexa method.” The essence of the method is as follows: You open Google and enter a key phrase into the search. For this offer, I took the phrase college scholarship . com. (That is, you must first go through the three main search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) and write out all the domain names from the top ten, and the top twenty, if the niche is highly competitive.) Now I take this domain and make a list of its variations:

    • www. college-scholarships. com
    • www college scholarships com
    • http: // www. college-scholarships. com
    • college-scholarships. com
    • college scholarships com
    • http: // college-scholarships. com
    • ww. college-scholarships. com
    • ww college-scholarships. com
    • http www college-scholarships com

    This is not a complete list. If you wish, such variations can fill more than 20 pieces, but I doubt that this site is very popular, so I will not do that. Visitors often search the site’s URL. As a rule, there are many sites with AdSense ad units in the issue of such a request. I spent a lot of hours testing this technique, and I can say that domain targeting campaigns bring good profits at low costs. Of course, there will be few clicks on such ads in the content network, but they will be cheap. I still use this method and advise you. I will tell you more about this when we get to the search network.

    You need to understand that in the future you will have to select domains under every keyword from the ad group. Now we are just testing, so here are the most popular domains from the first pages of the main search engines.

    But that's not all:

    As you hone the ads for search queries (site URLs), you should also pay attention to relevant sites. For this, I use Alexa. I type in the search box the keyword college scholarships and get sites with relatively high traffic rates. Even if their volumes are not exorbitant, you should still include them in the list. Last year, one such site with a rating of about 200,000 brought me $ 180k of net profit. Alexa is a great tool, although it doesn't always tell the truth. By the way, with the domains from the Alexa issue you should do the same as with the previous domains.

    Judging by the Alexa rating, the Scholarships site. com occupies 66,571 position. Very good. It should be included in our list. Now I click See Info For ... to see the details of the site.

    CPA Marketing - Keyword Search - Profit Hunter

    In the upper left corner there is a point Related Links . You must click on it and see which sites are similar to this one. In this case, I found another 4-5 domains that can be included in our list.

    CPA Marketing - Keyword Search - Profit Hunter

    As I said before, at this stage we are only testing the offer. And this is the fastest way to check whether it is worth taking it at all.


    At the testing stage, your main goal is to get cheap clicks from the content network and get the most targeted traffic (for this you manually select 50 states and write text that tells visitors what want them). We haven't really taken on the main keywords yet. I will tell about them later.

    To test the offer, you do not need millions of key phrases. However, a good base is still needed. Of course, if you are not limited in funds, you can skip this stage altogether. Now the main thing for us is to check the profitability of the offer in general and in parallel to find key phrases that give maximum profit with minimum costs.

    I test the content network for three days. During this time, I have enough data collected to decide what to do next. As a rule, I set a budget of $ 500 per day. This is not critical, but I noticed that the larger the budget and the higher the CTR of the ads, the less ads suffer from the so-called “peak impressions.” If the budget is below $ 100 a day, the data may not be enough to accept the correct solution (except when ads are converting like crazy, but this happens infrequently).

    In the next section, I’ll tell you what to do if the testing phase was successful.

    --- -

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