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CPA Marketing - Google Search Network and Quality Score - Profit Hunter So we got to the search network Google.

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(Translation from the first person.)

Many Internet businessmen are puzzled by questions like “How can I get around Google’s Quality Score?” Or “How restart stopped campaigns? ”These questions are often heard on various blogs and forums. In fact, the answer to all these questions is ugly simple:


... and you will be happy. The days of useless partner sites are coming to an end. Not that affiliate marketing stops working, no - you just need to adapt to new conditions. And the new conditions dictate to us that "the one who represents the maximum value for the visitor wins" .

Before you start talking about the quality indicator and methods for increasing it, you should clarify the following:

  • you should understand optimization (including optimization of the site structure) and link building;
  • you should understand your niche well. I do not advise sharpening the site with a single offer, especially if it is email / zip offer. Give visitors a choice. This is the only way you can increase your profits.
  • you need to understand that Go ogle very carefully keeps track of your accounts.

Now let's turn to the quality indicator. This is what Google itself says about it:

"The components of the quality indicator depend from what it is used for: to calculate the minimum bids or to determine the position of the ad.

  • Quality Score for calculating minimum bid is calculated based on the clickthrough rate of the keyword on Google, the relevance of the keyword to the ad group, the quality of the landing page, the performance history of your account, and also other significant indicators.
  • Quality Score to determine ad position is calculated based on the clickthrough rate of a keyword on Google, the relevance of the keyword and the search terms, data on your account’s performance history, and other relevant indicators. ”

The description is rather vague, but even it is clear from it, that takes into account Google, and that the quality indicators themselves are at least two.

In order not to fall under the filter and / or increase the quality indicator, you, as I said, should create high-quality websites. You may have read in ebooks on Adwords or posts of other affiliate entrepreneurs that they create and test simple landing pages (instead of creating mini sites). In fact, they are doing everything right, and you will also have to do it, but the secret is that they place landing pages on already existing quality sites.

Once again about sites and offers

I do not create websites specifically for email / zip offers, even if competition in a niche is minimal. The thing is, I don't know if the offer will work. If the site ultimately brings me money, fine, but if it doesn’t bring anything, I’ll lose time. Since I do not have much time to scatter them to the right and left, I first go through all of my sites and see if I have such that would correspond to the subject of the offer. After that, I test the offer on these sites.

However ... The quality of sites plays an important role. Of course, you can create a new site and in a short time fill it with several thousand pages, but this approach only works in the short term. Google is constantly evolving and striving to increase the relevance of the issue (including paid), so you have to think outside the box and go beyond what others say. Today, everyone is talking about the need to create mini-sites. Good advice, but what will happen when Google changes the rules again and all these mini-sites stop generating revenue (and Google changes the rules often and unpredictably, remember last year)?

Site structure

What concerns the platform for sites, I opted for WordPress. I no longer make html sites because they need to be redone after every Google update. Moreover, I do not create websites, but blogs. There are many reasons for this, but the most important thing is that Google is loyal to blogs. If a blog has at least some authority in the eyes of Google, new pages very quickly get into the index (within about two hours) and rise well in the issue. Look at the [bourgeois] issue of celebrities and new technology: you will definitely find posts from the blogs of TMZ and Perez Hilton, Gizmodo and TechCrunch.

In addition, you must create not just quality resources, but such resources that visitors will receive again and again .Even if you have the best design and the most unique content in the world, will there be any use for them if your visitors spend less than a minute on the blog and the bounce rate exceeds 60%? Ultimately, if your blog is of no value to visitors, it is unlikely to receive a high rating from Google.

How I create my blogs

As a rule, I sharpen a blog under a niche that can combine several offers. If I, for example, wanted to promote an offer from Maybelline Eye Liner, I would create a blog dedicated to Maybelline products. However, I first of all would check if there are any more similar offers. If there are no such offers, I put the offer alone to the side, except for those cases when I know exactly that the offer will bring profit.

The second important factor is constancy of in writing posts. The more often you fill your blog with unique content, the more often search engine bots will enter. Does this increase the quality score? Judging by my experience, yes. After I switched from static sites to blogs, Google began to relate to my campaigns differently. Of course, the constant publication of unique materials in the blog takes time, but if you want to earn with Adwords, you just have to make every effort to improve your quality score and beat the competition.

I use the following plugins on all my blogs:

  1. All In One SEO Pack
  2. Deans Permalinks Migration
  3. SEM Google Analytics (2- 4th comment above)
  4. Similar Posts
  5. Sociable
  6. WP-Contact Form
  7. Simple Tags

All these plug-ins help optimize your blog for search engines. As for their use, I use them exactly as written in the instructions.

Using blog pages as landing pages

Now this is the easiest method to increase your Quality Score. In addition, you do not need to create a separate page - as a landing page, you can use any post or page from the blog. Here you will need the above plugins.

The first one allows you to change the title, description and keywords for any page. As a rule, I insert 10-15 keywords into the description and meta tags. This is not the whitest method of promotion in Adwords, but at the moment it works.

Using the Similar Posts plugin allows you to diversify and increase the number of keywords on the landing page. He also gives visitors additional information, i.e. if they are not interested in the offer, they can go to other pages of the blog. If all of your entries are top-class, contain unique content and call for action, your chances of monetizing incoming traffic are quite high.

The value of the resource for visitors

This is a difficult and at the same time very important point. Creating a quality resource requires a lot of effort, but if you build business , you must do everything possible to make it profit. No matter how great your site is, and no matter how unique its content, it cannot be insured against punitive measures by Google. Google is smart He knows that we, marketers, know that he needs quality content. Therefore, by creating large content sites, you can raise yourself for a while in Google’s eyes, but this doesn’t insure you that one day the system will cover all your campaigns.

That is why I try to do everything possible so that my blogs are interesting to visitors and that they come to them again and again. I consider adding a catalog of articles or a forum a good decision. Among other things, it will increase the amount of free traffic from search, which also has a beneficial effect on your quality score.

The more useful your site is to visitors, the higher your chances are that Google will recognize it as a result. Everything that you will do in terms of website promotion will play an important role when you log into your account, create ad groups, set up a bid and wait for Google to analyze your site , rather than a separate page (caught difference?).

If the site is no good, you will have to sit and wonder what bids should be put in order for Google to take your advertisement into circulation. If the site is popular among visitors and authoritative in the eyes of Google, the system will launch your campaigns without any problems.


In the next posts on CPA marketing, wait for the conversation on Google’s Quality Score to continue.

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