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CPA Marketing - Google PPC -> CPA - Profit Hunter Here is your first lesson in CPA marketing from Ruck. More precisely, not even a lesson, but an introductory word about PPC and Google Adwords.

Surely you know what Google Adwords is, and maybe even some of you already have an account there. If not, be sure to visit their Learning Center and review the materials listed there. Sooner or later, you still have to study all this. Considering that this knowledge will work for you for more than one month (and, possibly, not for one year), the time spent on reading the documentation will pay off with interest.

Ruck attracts traffic using Google Adwords in three ways:

  • keyword-targeted campaigns on search sites;
  • keyword-targeted campaigns on content ( content sites; and
  • placement-targeted campaigns.

If you are only going to open an account, you will have a hard time in the first weeks / months. Starting is always difficult. This is one of the reasons why Ruck advises to create an MCC account from the very beginning (My Client Center). With the help of My Client Center you can create an unlimited number of accounts. (Even if it doesn’t cause you much enthusiasm, you still have to do the routine associated with these accounts.)

As regards the account history and payments, you will first have to go through the “probation period.” this period lasts for 3-5 months and you just have to go through it. From my own experience, Ruck says that campaigns on new accounts cost a little more than on old ones.
To avoid having trouble with Google (they’re completely to anything), it’s better from the very beginning to tune in to honest and professional relations.

So, your task today: visit the Google Learning Center and read information about My Client Center and keyword-targeted campaigns and placements. The next lesson will be about choosing a CPA offer.

AffiliateCube - CPA-network with Russian support and payments in Webmoney.

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