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This post consists of two parts: in the first, Ruck talks about the strategies of bidding, which he uses, and in the second, talks about text partner links and some ways to promote them.


As a rule, I define a budget of $ 500-1000 per day and set the initial bid to $ 0. 08. If during the first 4 hours there are no hits, I gradually increase the cost of the bid in portions of $ 0. 04, until I see my ads appear on the content network. Then I look at the positions taken by the ads. If they do not suit me, I can raise the price a little more, but, given that the profit from our offer is low ($ 1.75), I cannot afford high bids, otherwise I will lose money very quickly.

Campaigns in the content network are manually moderated, which can take anywhere from several hours to several days, depending on the history of your account. When closing or suspending a campaign, remember that ads will completely disappear from the content network no earlier than in 2-4 hours . Of course, if you monitor your campaigns and set an exact budget, you should have no problems.

As for key phrases, you can create groups not only for long keywords, but also for more general phrases. In the search network, long phrases are better converted and cheaper. The same applies to the content network, but here, in order to get a sufficient number of impressions, you may have to raise the cost of a click to $ 0. 20. I would not advise doing this for our particular offer (for scholarships), but here I can not say for sure, since everything needs to be tested. If you are promoting a more profitable offer, I see no reason not to raise bids.

Since we have already analyzed the offer testing phase in some detail, it's time to talk about the placement of affiliate links on the web resources . As a rule, this aspect of working with CPA offers is not expensive, unless, of course, we take the time spent. However, I must warn you immediately: some tricks are quite aggressive, so you will have to use them at your own peril and risk. Not that it was spam and unacceptable methods of promotion - I completely cleared my methods from all this dirt - but there will always be someone who sees in them exactly what is not there. The methods that I will demonstrate to you in the following posts should not cause any problems with either CPA networks or individual advertisers.

There is a huge variety of tricks, hacks, secrets, topics, etc., which are successfully used by those who work with CPA-offers. As a rule, thanks to this, CPA-entrepreneurs (and me as well) manage to increase in a month such amount of leads, which white optimizers can increase not earlier than in a quarter, or even a year.

This is especially true for search engines such as Yahoo and MSN, who are not keen on improving their algorithms and thus make life easier for us. Here is an example of one of these gray tricks (Yahoo screenshots speak for themselves):

CPA Marketing - Bidding and Affiliate Links - Profit Hunter

And one more screenshot:

CPA Marketing - Bidding and Affiliate Links - Profit Hunter


AffiliateCube - CPA-network with Russian support and payments in WebMoney.

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