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But back to the CPA. In this article, Ruck talks about the link to Google AdWords account history quality score.


(Translation from the first person.)

At the testing stage you will have to work actively with keywords and phrases: change, stop, even delete them - in order to find phrases that give maximum exhaust. But the fact is that Google is closely watching your movements and notes all changes within your account. I approached one of the representatives of Google about this and I was told that “account history directly does not affect the quality score”, but on the other hand “ is of great importance for success your campaigns. ” As you can see, clarity is zero.

But based on my experience with Google Adwords, I highlighted some of the patterns that I want to share with you now.

Unsuccessful key phrases have a negative effect on the entire ad group. It is a fact. But another thing is more important here: what to do with such phrases - delete them, and then re-include them in other ads or immediately move them to other groups and try to raise their indicators?

I personally prefer the second. I noticed that moving the key phrases does not affect the history of my accounts. (Keep this in mind, because you’ll have to work with keywords a lot - only by mixing and changing the content of the ad groups you can find the most profitable phrases.) ad group, the situation is changing. According to Google, if you delete a keyword and then add it again to an ad group, the system takes into account the previous performance of the specified keyword, therefore, if the keyword’s performance is low, this can adversely affect the performance of entire ad group .

Therefore, if you are going to use a keyword in the future, do not delete it, but simply move it to a new group.

It seems to me that Account Quality Score depends on the number of ad impressions , so I strongly recommend that you clear your campaigns of low-performance phrases with both low and high impressions.

If the phrase shows a low CTR, but still makes a profit, the best thing you can do is move it into a separate group and work on the landing page so that it most closely matches the key phrase.

New Adwords accounts

I noticed that ads on new accounts cost me 25-50% more than the same ads on old ones. That's why I advised you to open an MCC account (My Client Center) from the very beginning (of course, if you are going to work closely with AdWords).

It will take at least 3-5 months to raise your account’s reputation in Google’s eyes. The only thing that can speed up this process is large advertising volumes. When you open an account, Google launches a trial period for it, and the more you spend, the faster this period will end.

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