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CPA Marketing - Additional Keyword Sources - Profit Hunter Here are some more free tools to help you expand your keyword list for ad campaigns. (The full list of cpa-marketing tools is laid out here.)

  1. Typo Generator and Keyword Phrase List Generator - both tools work very quickly and efficiently.
  2. Keyword Fusion - this tool will be useful to you if you use variations of domain names. Just enter the domain name (with http: // , www or just anything. Com ), tick the item Domains and click button Create . A list of variations will appear at the bottom of the page.
  3. AdWords Generator - this service is especially useful if you need to quickly add to your campaign a list of keywords for exact phrases (in quotes). You simply load the list, press the Generate button and get the desired result at the output.
  4. KeywordPad is another useful keyword search tool that allows you to modify and expand keyword lists for SEO, PPC campaigns, etc.
  5. And another generator of typos and variations of domain names.

Use these tools when composing ad campaigns in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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