Correct design of the main page, 4 factors

All webmasters should remember that the majority of visitors to the resource go to the main page, which means that it is necessary to deal with its design.

Not always enough attention is given to this, and even specifying two phone numbers can be a negative point, because in this case, users have to make an extra choice.

Proper design of the main page is an obligatory action that you need to work hard on. We have already talked about the text for the main page, now we will look at several other important points that will help you make the main page more effective.

Correct design of the main page, 4 factors

How to make the main page better?

You can visit several resources of large companies on your own to see how good their main pages are and, based on your own observations, highlight most important points.

We have already done this and identified several factors:

  1. Call for action. This is one of the most important moments, which helps to increase conversion. On some resources, the call is presented not just as an inscription in the header of the site, but as a separate button. In the upper part of Workion there is a link How to make money, it is framed as one of the menu items, this is a great example.
  2. Simplicity. It’s better not to overload the main page with various functionalities so that visitors quickly find what they need and you achieve your goal. Statistics have already shown that many widgets that visually adorn a page can reduce conversion.
  3. Highlighting of important objects. On the main page there are surely important links and blocks with information that visitors need to pay attention to. This is not at all difficult to do; it is enough to single them out with a separate color. For example, the red color is ideal for this, but for each design you need to choose a color scheme individually.
  4. Short advertising text. The first thing that is found on most of the main pages of sites is advertising. Naturally, everyone immediately begins to provide detailed information about their activities and goals of the project, but even here we must remember that not all visitors agree to read for a long time. It is best to make a couple of paragraphs in the beginning, which will be briefly summarized advertising.

Correct design of the main page, 4 factors

Of course, these are not all the rules for competently designing the main page , because there are a lot of other important points, such as linking, buttons for the main sections of the site, a link for contacts and so on.

Stand in the place of customers and visit large sites, highlighting what you liked and disliked, adding or removing it from your site.

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