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Nice words, praise and high marks always have people, so we are arranged.

When you hear compliments to yourself, I want to continue the conversation and the person becomes pleasant. Sellers also use this, only the option is not suitable in all niches. Also, do not confuse politeness and praise.

Customers love compliments, so we often hear them in our address when we are interested in stores.

Women in this regard are more influenced; if the nail service master says “Your beautiful hands are worthy of beautiful marigolds,” as the client turns out to be in their chair.

Correct compliments to customers | Workion. ru

Popular brands constantly add compliments to their slogans. Basically, they are manufacturers of cosmetics, clothes and everything else that relates to appearance.

Thus, Mirra Lux, a cosmetic company, uses the slogan "You are always welcome!", Thereby presenting the pleasant words of their clients.

Sellers use a variety of ways to win over the buyer and get him to do everything they say. Complements are also used for this, but they need to be done correctly:

  • before choosing a compliment, it is necessary to analyze the addressee. Each client will have to look for suitable words;
  • sellers are right on target, handing out compliments, highlighting some clear advantage of a person;
  • compliments should be made so that at the same time you can advise (you have such slender legs, we just have shoes that will emphasize their elegance).

According to the old rules of etiquette, a man should not give compliments to a man. In part, this is true in our days, but at some points an exception can be made. For example, appreciating professional skills.

Correct compliments to customers | Workion. ru

When I turned to one optimizer for help, he praised me for the work done on the site and said that everything was done correctly, the complement did not sound ironic, it was nice to realize that you are not a slacker and something to think about.

When trying to win over a potential buyer, some sellers overdo it. Their compliments sound dry, deceitful and sugary. There is even a group of people who, at the first meeting of , shower you with pleasant words , which cut the ear. Therefore, you need to apply this technique correctly.

When sales are conducted online, it is inconvenient to make compliments. If you don’t insert them between the lines in correspondence, you don’t see the buyer. Therefore, you need to find out about him as much information as possible or just use other tricks. For example, celebrity marketing or celebrities in advertising.

Every advertiser needs to study psychology and understand the impact on people. Many effective ways are invented to make a person perform a certain action.

But it is much easier to do this if you are trusted and willing to continue the dialogue. Do not hesitate to admire the looks or the work of your clients, it really helps to establish contact with them.

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