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Security in the work of a copywriter interests both beginners and professionals.

While actively selling articles, every author should remember that not all customers will pay money in good faith, and some will not even explain the reasons, just get lost.

Which customers can throw a copywriter? The trick is to be expected from everyone, since even stable buyers may sooner or later refuse your services.

Of course, in most cases, regular customers honestly pay the author, but cases are different, sometimes they refuse to pay for work because they simply have nothing to pay.

Copywriter, beware scam | Workion. ru

Many people dream of a steady income from copywriting, so they often agree to direct cooperation. Indeed, there are a huge number of webmasters who need to attract authors to develop their projects, but there are also those who want to cash in on other people's works.

You have to constantly deal with unscrupulous customers, and the first sign that they don’t want to pay money is various excuses and repeated requests to redo the text, although conditions were not discussed in advance.

Personally, I have come across such people, ordered service reviews, which were written qualitatively, with instructions, references to the project name and links, but after they were published, complaints began to come:

  • dilution text with additional keywords;
  • a complete change in the conditions of the affiliate program of the service (as they have changed there over these 3 days);
  • selection of individual parts of the text.

First, the keywords were used, but not those that the customer wanted (what he had to warn about in advance).

Secondly, reviews were compiled from information from the site, so the fact that they have changed is the problem of the customer himself. Thirdly, to delay the payment due to the fact that something is not highlighted in the articles, this is already arrogance.

Copywriter, beware scam | Workion. ru

Who most often refuses to pay?

There were a lot of different situations, and novice copywriters would have to face clients who sometimes even allow themselves to direct insults. It is impossible to get around, inadequate characters flooded the Internet.

Based on the practice, it was noticed that the most common problems arise with customers who:

  1. Ask to specify 10 keywords per 1000 characters.
  2. Do not open their data (including WMID and site address).
  3. Refuse to prepay (even partial).
  4. They are asked to write about some scam (not a quality site).
  5. They do not agree to conduct a transaction through the guarantor.
  6. Owners of insufficient quality sites.
  7. Schoolchildren, trolls, inadequate.

Before agreeing to work, be sure to check the customer profile. Examine the reviews and search them in the search engines. Communicate with the person, request from him various data.

Pay attention to how the dialogue is conducted, check the client's site and what you are asked to write . In general, the best way to protect against fraudsters is to use the copywriting exchanges.

On and with fraudsters a short conversation, if you file a complaint, argue it and present evidence, the administration will definitely take your side. Most importantly, do not stoop to insults and not lose self-control.

Copywriter, beware scam | Workion. ru

It’s not so convenient to work with exchanges, and no one wants to share their profits with strangers. That is why many work directly and become victims of fraudsters.

There are certain risks, but when you earn a good reputation and people will start to contact you, you can safely demand an advance payment. A normal customer will definitely agree to such conditions if he is sure that you are a professional and not a fraudster.

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