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Greetings to Workion blog readers. ru. Copy-paste articles, this is one of the most unpleasant phenomena that almost every Internet user systematically encounters.

Remember if you noticed that after a search engine query, you had to watch several resources which contain the same information.

No, the owners of these resources do not write the same texts, they simply steal them from one site and install them on others, which is copy-paste.

Who and why is engaged in copy-paste? The copying of materials is done by owners of low-quality resources who wish to increase the amount of information on their website, but at the same time do not want to spend money and energy on its creation.

Nothing is easier than to collect a lot of materials from other sites and put them on your site, but such actions do not lead to anything good.

As practice shows, search engines are fiercely fighting webmasters who copy articles from other sites and ban their resources or exclude some pages from the search.

Copy-paste articles, use copy-paste | Workion. ru

Using copy-paste

Given this factor, using copy-paste is the worst option for filling the site.

Apart from the fact that webmasters using copy-paste have problems with search engines, they systematically have to deal with problems related to copyright.

The fact is that the owner of the site’s articles possesses copyright, therefore, when copying information, webmasters violate the law. The exception is when the author indicates the possibility of copying materials with an active link.

If there is no information on the site, then initially you will need to ask permission to copy from the author of the site .

Unscrupulous owners of promoted sites often use copy-paste and cause problems with the owners of "young" resources. The fact is that developing sites are indexed longer than already-promoted projects, so by “stealing” an article, a webmaster can become a primary source for search engines.

Copy-paste articles, use copy-paste | Workion. ru

In this case, the author of the article is considered a copy-paste and it is quite possible that search engines will react to this negatively. To avoid such situations, consistently add unique materials to your site and thereby increase the speed of indexing.

Finally, I would like to say that we strongly advise you to exclude such an option of filling the site as copy-paste.

If you want to implement a really high-quality website, then it is better to fill it with copywriting or at least deep rewriting, besides a good attitude of the search engines to your activity, you will definitely have regular visitors.

Copy-paste, how to do it?

It is surprising, but some are interested in how to copy materials from other sites. In order not to create copies of certain sites, first there are several suitable resources, or the necessary requests are simply driven in and the first pages of the TOP are opened.

After that, the text is selected and copied to the buffer:

Copy-paste articles, use copy-paste | Workion. ru

Then the data is inserted into a new page of the site and simply placed. You can check copy-paste without problems, but not every webmaster does it.

The easiest way to check through the program to determine the percentage of uniqueness, such as. If the text is added to your website, simply enter it in the "Ignore domains" field or use the address bar, to check directly:

Copy-paste articles, use copy-paste | Workion. ru

a special service has been created on which it is enough to enter the page address to find all copies on the Internet. For the test, we added the main page of our blog, it turns out that it was copied to a couple of resources:

Copy-paste articles, use copy-paste | Workion. ru

Now you can go to these sites to write to their owners about the need for removal. If they do not respond, you will have to write to the hosters (How to check the hosting site). Hosting providers do not need legal problems, so they will block the site with copy-paste without any problems.

How do sites develop on copy-paste?

Now copy-paste and rewriting are actively used, despite the negative attitude of search engines to such types of content extraction. Just some resource owners choose other ways of development.

If they provide links to original articles, there are no problems with the law, but because of this, you can lose visitors, and you have to make free advertising to someone.

There are plenty of examples of large projects that are developing, despite the fact that they are filled with copied information. A great example, offering to receive interesting materials in one tape.

The most interesting materials are selected, and people show interest in the site, since it contains everything that is published on various resources:

Copy-paste articles, use copy-paste | Workion. ru

The organizers of this project are not hearsay know what copy-paste means and actively use it.

Let them not receive traffic from search engines (as there is no unique information), there are other sources as well. They do not violate the law, suggest that site owners keep accounts and leave a link to the original.

Mostly users from social networks go here.

Now you know what copy-paste articles are, how they are used and why copy materials at all. If there is a quality resource, it is better not to resort to this method of information mining, as search engines still remain the main source of traffic.

Although it’s not worth giving up on copy-paste completely, sometimes it comes in handy. For example, to post interesting news on the site (the main thing is not to forget to put a link to the source).

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