Conversion of traffic from vareznikov - Profit Hunter

Conversion of traffic from vareznikov - Profit Hunter $ 3000 with a vareznik want? Well, or $ 5000 ? Then read on. The theme of Varesis will always be alive and relevant. The whole secret is in the desire to receive a lot of file information on a ball and not pay anything for it or pay an extremely small amount in comparison with the prices for licensed software, etc. And while the ball exists, there are also varzas. I do not need to explain what is a warez. Those who suddenly inadvertently hear this word for the first time (unreal), will briefly explain:

You? Re (English warez is the slang version of "wares" , the abbreviated plural from "software" - "software") is a commercial program that is distributed free of charge (less often on a carrier for a symbolic fee) illegally without the permission of the author. Be sure to contain changes and / or additions that allow you to use it for free.

Does it happen? Converting farm, adult, affiliate slimming, SMS reading, etc. And varesnik too? Yes, friends, and varezniki. With a great desire to convert, you can a lot of things. Moreover, Varesniki, as it turns out, is very promising to convert. Why? Think about what kind of traffic you can get from Vareznikov ?! For example:

  • Film traffic
  • Traffic from online cinemas
  • Software traffic
  • Music traffic
  • Book traffic
  • Torrents
  • Traffic from the Doorway

What and where to convert?

The question of available tools and tools is an important one. Varezniki convert very well with

Conversion of traffic from vareznikov - Profit Hunter

And how good is an envelope? System statistics for the last day (April 28, 2010) - 1490 rur / 1K . This means that you earn 1490 rubles ($ 50) per 1000 traffic. Film traffic on income of the order 1800 rubles .

Affiliate DDCash. ru young and promising. In the news section (available in your account) write about events, work done, payments. For example, the following types of traffic drain are working in the system:

  • Sites with muzzles sharpened for traffic without requests
  • Ability to drain traffic through our TDS to muzzles and search. The system will decide which sites are most convertible and distribute your traffic in an optimal way.

Traffic drain schemes

1. Search. When using this scheme, you are merging traffic on a specific request to the search page. The user sees his request and the “Download” button next to him. By clicking on the button, he hits the Join Page, where he is offered to register by sending an SMS to a short number. After registration, the user gets access to the restricted part of the site.

2. Appendix. When using this scheme, you merge traffic according to a specific request to the search page. The user sees his request and the “Download” button next to it. The button, in this case, leads to the file application (by default it weighs 50 mb - this is the optimal size in the completed downloads). After the user has downloaded and launched the file, he is offered to get the password by sending SMS to a short number. After entering the password, the user is able to use the application to search the closed part of the site.

Registration in the system is free.

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