Contextual advertising on Seosprint. Seosprint Ads

According to statistics, contextual advertising has good CTR and with its help you can attract a huge amount of traffic.

You can attract users not only to your sites, but also to affiliate programs, the most important thing is find low-cost advertising conditions and a suitable target audience.

Contextual advertising on Seosprint is an excellent option to attract an audience of newbies who want to make money on the Internet. Such traffic can be converted by any means, directing them to the exchange of articles, their own sites, affiliate programs and even e-currency exchangers.

Advertisement by Seosprint

On each page of this click sponsor there is a block called “It may be interesting”, where contextual advertising is placed:

Contextual advertising on Seosprint. Seosprint Ads

In this block you can add your link with any anchor and short text. The most important thing is that the price for transitions here is not at all big.

Anyone can use this method of advertising. To do this, go to the appropriate section from the block located on the right side of the interface:

Contextual advertising on Seosprint. Seosprint Ads

After that, you will be directed to the form, you need to fill it with certain data:

Contextual advertising on Seosprint. Seosprint Ads

The title can contain no more than 28 characters, and you need to write correctly, not in capital letters and without abuse of punctuation marks.

In the short description, provide information that may force users to click through the advertisements. The site address is yours. With regard to the spectrum of the show, it is better to choose only Seosprint, since on the partner sites the target audience may differ slightly.

The transition cost is fixed, and after filling in all the fields, it remains to agree with the rules and save the template. Just like when creating newsletters or tasks, you will need to send contextual advertising for review to moderators:

Contextual advertising on Seosprint. Seosprint Ads

How long it takes to say is difficult, sometimes the check is performed in two to three hours, and sometimes you have to wait until the next day. And when the moderators do their job, you will need to replenish the balance of advertising.

Attendance at Seosprint is impressive, so you will get the necessary number of transitions very quickly. And in order to get as much traffic as possible, you can set up to 3 contextual links.

Try to use contextual advertising on one of the most popular click-based sponsors and evaluate the quality of the traffic received.

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