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In recent years, the text content market has become increasingly active. However, as often happens, long-established resources are becoming increasingly cumbersome, sometimes completely ignoring the interests of customers.

Against this background, ContentMonster is a good example of flexibility and willingness to change.

Compared with the bison of the industry, this exchange is very young - it appeared only in April 2011. However, unlike many competitors, all this time has passed for her in monitoring customer opinions and market trends. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that during this time the resource has been updated more than once.

Let's say a couple of words about changes in different areas.

Convenience and Automation

Back at the beginning of last year, a full-featured API appeared on ContentMonster, so now the client does not have to visit the site to make a new order or edit an old order. Now this and much more can be done with the help of external software. Conveniently? More than, especially if the content is needed often and in large quantities.

ContentMonster - a service that does not stand still - Profit Hunter

Someone will surely like the opportunity to do so-called. "competitive order" - if time is tight, the order can be given at once to several performers from among those who volunteered, and it will go to the one who takes it first to work. As a result, the customer does not depend on how often the contractor contacts.

If, on the other hand, it is necessary to select the performers on the white list for long-term cooperation, then several authors may be given the order to work.

Well, in order for the customer to always be aware of what is happening with his orders, the service offers a free SMS notification service.

Quality Control

ContentMonster was initially characterized by close attention to the selection of authors. Over time, it only became more noticeable.

If initially the system of authors' levels took into account only the amount of work done, then now the counting mechanism has become more objective: customer ratings, literacy rates and the number of overdue orders are taken into account.

ContentMonster - a service that does not stand still - Profit Hunter

In addition to this, ContentMonster is now seeking not only to attract good authors, but also to improve the skills of those already working on the exchange. For this, the School of Copywriting was established - if the author wants to raise his status above the "Novice", he must go through it.

Well and, of course, as before, all texts are checked for plagiarism. If, according to one or another parameter, the text is recognized as of poor quality, it is sent to the author for revision, and the client will not see it at all.

Working with ContentMonster

However, someone will surely say: this is all very well and beautifully written in theory, but how does it work in practice?

And here I can firmly say - very well.

I have been dealing with this exchange for about half a year already, not to say that I regularly do orders on a regular basis, I have already formed my own white list of authors and, in principle, am happy with everything. If we take into account the ridiculous prices for which the texts are written here, then it would be a shame to be indignant about their quality. On most exchanges for the price of 1-1.5 $ / 1000 char. one can hardly find a decent rewrite, but here those who are willing to write very good original texts for such money are quickly found.

ContentMonster - a service that does not stand still - Profit Hunter


What else can you say about ContentMonster? As before, it is quite a worthy alternative to the older and well-known content exchanges.

The quality is quite decent (otherwise the service would not offer a refund of 120% of the cost of the order in case of customer dissatisfaction), the service is prompt, prices are moderate, and you don’t forget about some pleasant trifles (such as bonus points for orders) worth it.

And the fact that the resource does not cease to develop, causes only respect.

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