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The author of the article is Elvira Kabina

Since January 1, 2008, the life of website developers who are copy-paste is hard complicated. The copyright law, which was previously very weakly applied to virtual space, made the work on someone else's material really punishable. In this regard, the need for unique texts has greatly increased. Chaotic sales of such texts are still flourishing, but most authors and customers have come to the conclusion that in order to get maximum benefits and minimum problems, you need to use the services of guarantors. Such guarantors were the resources that govern the relationship "copywriter-customer."

At the moment, there are several types of similar resources on the Internet that differ significantly in the principle of operation. Most of them are related to the following:
1) content stores;
2) freelance resources;
3) content exchanges.
This article describes the most active and popular representatives of each of the categories.

Content Store is a site where the customer can get a finished article on topics of interest to him, before paying, having read only a small part of the text. Copywriter places his work in the store, putting the price at its discretion. For its work, the store has a percentage of sales of a copywriter. Registration on the resource is open. The main advantage of using stores to purchase content is that when you purchase an already finished article, you do not spend time placing an order and waiting for it to be executed by a copywriter. You just need to go to the appropriate section or enter keywords in the search. However, in such a system of work organization there are some pitfalls: having read the article on a small announcement and having paid it, the customer can receive a text that does not absolutely correspond to his requests as a whole. Appeals to arbitration are not provided.
Representatives: a) www. textsale ru - one of the oldest resources for the sale of finished content. In addition to the actual sales of finished texts, this resource has a slight resemblance to the exchange, however, it is not too convenient for either the customer or the copywriter, since any arrangement takes place through a personal messaging system. A copywriter advertise himself with all his might, after the choice of the contractor by the customer, the work goes privately through the postal resources. Thus, the very same guarantees that the ordered content resources, in particular, the stock exchanges, actually lose.
b) www. tinex. ru - practically does not differ from the previous resource. Prices for both resources are absolutely dumping, and open registration often leads to the fact that more than half of the performers are unqualified.
c) www. texttrader. ru - the shop opened at the textbroker exchange. ru. Offers articles on the same topics as on the stock exchange. Actually in the system of orders with it is not necessary, since they are executed on the exchange itself. When registering on the stock exchange, the customer receives an account in the store automatically, which is very convenient.

Freelance Resource deals with the placement of a portfolio and resume of copywriters, communication with the customer is private and mostly negotiable, which seems rather risky for both the customer and the performer. True, they sometimes have a paid transaction insurance system (the performer assumes the costs), but paying extra for guarantees that can be obtained for free is not very rational.
Representatives: for example, www. weblancer. net - represents the tender system of "one-time" vacancies. To work on this resource, a copywriter will also have to make an effort: oh, how difficult it will be to get a job without recommendations. However, customers should be vigilant: some copywriters receive feedback for free work on the tender. So even the presence of brilliant recommendations does not always guarantee a high level of qualification of the employee.
According to the same principle, the resource www. free-lance ru .

Content exchange is a resource whose goal is the subtle interaction of the customer and the copywriter on the layout and execution of orders. Prices on such exchanges are either fixed and depend on the level of the copywriter, or there is a tender on the tender principle. In both cases, the customer becomes the owner of a quality text, which, in case of non-compliance with the task, can be refused or sent to the contractor for further refinement, and he himself sets the deadlines for the order, and in some cases also the price. The copywriter, on the other hand, takes the task into the work either immediately or after submitting the application for the tender and consideration by her employer. After receiving the order, he receives the topic and the text task (description, keywords).Using the exchange gives the copywriter a guarantee of timely payment for his labor.
If any of the parties is dissatisfied with the result, they can turn to arbitration and challenge the deal. If the customer is satisfied with the work of the artist, he can add it to his personal list of favorites and continue to work with already reputable authors. The incentives are ratings and reviews that affect the rating and reputation of the copywriter.
In labor exchanges, there is often also a content store.
Representatives: a) www. textbroker. ru . One of the oldest exchanges Runetas constantly updated functionality. Placing orders is quick and convenient: fixed prices allow the customer to choose the level of the contractor himself, and the closed registration of copywriters and the possibility of compiling a list of favorites lead to an increase in the quality of work. The customer can send a personal order to the author from the general list (a convenient search will help you choose the artist) or place a text task only for members of your favorites list. In addition, special emphasis is placed on the possibility of mass automatic placement of orders of up to several hundred, as well as their verification and closure for a short period of time. In this case, the employer does not need to go through a lot of portfolio of copywriters, it is enough just to indicate the desired level of the contractor. Messaging system between users reduces the likelihood of misinterpretation of the essence of the order. Additional services are free proofreading proofreading and checking articles for plagiarism using the resource copyscape. com and specially designed by the creators of the exchange program DoubleContentFinder. The customer can familiarize with examples of work of copywriters not only in a profile of the performer, but also in a blog. When the exchange exists content store TextTrader. ru
b) www. neotext. ru . At first glance, it seems to be an exact copy of TextBroker, but the functionality is limited compared to the previous exchange. Instead of a private messaging system, there is a forum on it, and an open form of communication often leads to problems with the integrity of information.
c) www. copylancer. ru . The system is based on placing tenders by customers; after submission of applications by several performers, the customer chooses a copywriter himself. This is a rather long process, although it is possible that the proposal will be accepted by the customer before the end of the tender from the author you like. Tenders can also be set up to accept the first offer or to bid with the lowest price. Both of these options are fraught with the fact that the order will receive a copywriter, something that does not suit you. The automatic reception of work takes only 3 days, so you should not hesitate with the acceptance of the order, otherwise you can get an article that does not suit you and can be appealed only through arbitration.
g) www. advego. ru is an exchange for those who need to fill their forum or blog with messages at a super low price. However, the main problem of this exchange is the quality, or rather its absence. Almost all customers complain of the pathological illiteracy of the copywriters of this exchange.
Thus, it would be most reasonable for the customer to contact the content exchange. The exchange is the place where getting the results adequate to the requests is guaranteed most clearly. Cheating is impossible: the administration of the exchange is on guard of the interests of both customers and performers.
You can view the list of services provided by the listed resources in the summary table:

Resource name Type Types of services Check for plagiarism
K P Code P Cor A C
textsale. ru М + + + + - - +
tinex. ru М + + - + - - -
weblancer. net F + + - + - - -
textbroker. ru Б + + + + + + +
neotext. ru Б + + + + -
copylancer. ru Б + + + + + + +
advego. ru Б + + - + - + -

B - exchange, M - shop, F - freelance
K-copyright, R - rewrite, P- translation , Cor - proofreading
A - Antiplagiat, C -

According to the results of the study, we can conclude that only those content services, which flexibly and quickly adapt to customer requests, will be able to survive with today's growing demands for the quality of goods and the organization of customer-copywriter-customer relations. and offer on their base a fully-developed, fully-provided service complex, which, if implemented, produces high-quality, competent unique content.

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