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The career of each novice copywriter begins with the selection of a suitable service.

It is important to choose a quality system in which money really pays, there are many potential buyers and customers, and Provides a convenient interface and all the necessary tools to create high-quality materials.

Today, many different shops of articles have been created, but is it worth choosing the most popular projects? Firstly, beginners are actively dumping on them, and secondly, the competition will be high, so the start may be difficult. Content exchange offers everyone who wants to start making money on selling articles.

Content Exchange Copylancer | Workion. ru

Analogue of popular exchanges of articles

Start up the Copylancer project and not the most popular, with its help thousands of authors found themselves a place. There are no unnecessary functions on the site, so both customers and buyers can easily understand the interface.

The main direction of the texts of this project is Business and Finance. Not every author can write literate articles on such topics, therefore, assess your potential in advance.

By visiting the store of finished articles, you can observe in which categories there are more materials:

Content Exchange Copylancer | Workion. ru

Honestly, for the sale of finished materials it is better to use other systems, so as here, the sales rate is not high (about 1000 articles per month). On the other hand, the Copylancer system is ideal for finding orders.

Naturally, prices for their execution are higher than average prices for ready-made texts (indicated in each category). Every month tens of thousands of employers visit the project, perhaps you will find a regular customer among them.

Why do customers choose the Copylancer Exchange?

The fact is that it is easy to start a new task on this site. On the main page you are immediately invited to choose the type of text:

Content Exchange Copylancer | Workion. ru

Naturally, the prices for them are different, since their quality is significantly different. After selecting one of the options, you will be asked to indicate whether rewriting or copywriting is required by the customer. Next you need to fill in a simple form:

Content Exchange Copylancer | Workion. ru

The full description of the order is added in the first line. List all the items to get exactly the kind of material you need. The title is not fundamental, because it is not an advertisement and you are not selling anything.

Subjects need to be selected correctly, it is not necessary to prescribe Meta tags. It remains only to specify the desired number of characters, as well as to use or refuse to check the article corrector (it is worth to use).

This completes the task launch process, and soon you will receive feedback from the authors to do the work. Unlike many other similar projects, I would like to say that better materials are sold here.

The Copylancer Exchange is a convenient service for all, and its popularity is gradually developing. Also, the administration indicates that quite often copywriters find regular customers through their system or even get a stable job in large companies.

How do you like these prospects? Be sure to try to use the exchange, because this is an additional career development opportunity.

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