Consultant for the site from Jivosite

You can improve behavioral factors, as well as increase the conversion of traffic from your site in different ways.

As an option, you can set up a form for online communication on your resource. Practice shows that due to this, site visitors are much more active and having the opportunity to ask questions, they must use it.

Making a form for online communication is not difficult, there are a lot of services in which you will get the necessary functionality. A consultant for a site from is the best option, since in this system there are not only a lot of useful tools, it can be used absolutely free if you add no more than 5 operators.

Consultant for the site from Jivosite

Free consultant for the site

At the moment, approximately 40% of users use this system, who generally install online consultants for their resources. Using the free mode, you will be able to communicate with visitors through the Jivosite website, as well as receive the history of correspondence by Email.

For only 474 rubles (per month), you can pay for additional functionality that will allow you not only to communicate, but also:

  • to receive information about the client (city, the request for which came , IP, provider);
  • you can observe what the interlocutor is typing;
  • you can make calls via the contact form;
  • it is easy to block the interlocutor;
  • additional encryption correspondence;
  • online spell check;
  • download the application for mobile (to always be in touch);
  • translate dialogs;
  • transfer files;
  • Operators Frames can score.

All this will improve the form of counseling, but it is not necessary to pay money. However, you can try and paid features, but the period of their use will be limited.

To make the form of online communication ideally fit into the design of your resource, you can use the editor:

Consultant for the site from Jivosite

There are not so many design settings, however, they will help you achieve optimal design.

For those who do not engage themselves in consultations, but attracts remote employees for this, the Jivosite system submits reports on the time spent by all communication operators:

Consultant for the site from Jivosite

How You see, on a simple graph, the time interval that the operator spent at work is displayed.

Besides the fact that the Jivosite system offers tremendous opportunities to install a consultant on the site, you can earn money with it. Under the conditions, you can receive 30% of all payments from attracted customers, the minimum payment of 3,000 rubles (if you are from Russia, 15,000 rubles for foreign partners), such earnings are only available to legal entities.

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