Consider the disadvantages of distant work before starting a career

Interested in freelancing, you can find tons of information on the Internet. Almost all of it is composed in a positive way.

People are recommended to work in the network, actively distribute links to different sites, but do not even mention the other side medals All the pros and cons of freelancing need to be considered before you begin to engage them.

Cons freelancing, is it good work on the Internet? We decided to write this article as a warning for beginner moneymakers.

At first glance, remote work is profitable, convenient and interesting. But only when you start to do it, you understand what sacrifices you have to make and what to sacrifice.

Consider the disadvantages of distant work before starting a career

Disadvantages of remote work

Any work has pros and cons, activity on the Internet is no different. Freelance is partly better than office work, but in order not to be mistaken in your actions, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

So that our readers do not regret that they have chosen remote earnings, we recommend that you first look at the flaws in freelancing:

  1. Serious knowledge is required for the quality of the work. No matter what you do, write texts or advertise sites, in any case you want to achieve perfect results. If clients remain dissatisfied, the career stands still, development is absent.
  2. Stages of development - years pass before you start making good money. The name of the freelancer is his brand, which also needs to be promoted. Not everyone has the strength to work actively at the very beginning in order to receive decent money later. To get at least some orders, you have to take up the most unprofitable offers.
  3. Labor around the clock - this is how a freelancer works. When people decide to do remote work, a picture is drawn in their head, where they calmly wake up, do household chores, sit down at work whenever they like and work for a couple of hours. This is a hoax to get big money, you have to plow in three skins.
  4. Seated work - whatever one may say, but at work you will have to spend a lot of time. Sitting in front of the monitor is safer than working at a construction site or being in constant traveling, but here the dangers sneak up unnoticed. Do not have time to blink an eye, as the vision will sit down, a permanent migraine will begin and the joints will hurt.

    If you are not afraid of all the disadvantages of freelancing, register on the exchange

    and look for suitable orders.

  5. Search for customers - it takes half of the working time. It is difficult to find regular customers, and in some cases it is impossible. If you are developing logos, then why would someone return to you. The competition among freelancers is fierce, it’s really hard to look for employers.
  6. Informal employment - which means the complete absence of vacations, sick leave and contributions to the pension fund. Work experience does not go, the status of the unemployed constantly prevents. Finding remote work with an official is extremely difficult, and taxes (+ other deductions) are hard on the price.
  7. Fraud - not 100% protection from it, even if you use all the methods of protection. Sooner or later, you still come across a customer who refuses to pay, demands additional work, redo everything, or even turns to threats.
  8. Self-organization - also refers to the disadvantages of freelancing, since most people do not know how to force themselves to work steadily without a kick. The schedule is not set, you can work whenever you like, only it is difficult to determine the right moment. You constantly postpone matters until later and you realize that you have not time to do anything.

To work in freelancing or not, everyone decides for himself. Now it will be easier for you to decide, because you know not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of distant work.

Consider the disadvantages of distant work before starting a career

It is always necessary to be afraid of difficulties, because it helps to find methods for overcoming them in advance. Having learned more about the negative side of remote earnings, immediately think what is important to you and which items can be omitted.

Perhaps most of the shortcomings do not matter to you specifically, then without a doubt, start working on the network.

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