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What is the common feature of the absolute majority of people, regardless of age, occupation or level of earnings? That's right - the holidays. All of them are celebrated, congratulated, gifts are presented in their honor.

In the past, this topic was not very appealing to me in terms of the source of earnings, but the other day there was a conversation with a good acquaintance who made me look at this question with much more interest. According to him, the congratulatory theme is a stable income (after all, holidays are not only a fruitful winter-spring period, but also birthdays and other personal dates that happen every day), a guaranteed audience (everyone celebrates holidays) and a not too hard threshold occurrences Especially if you use the right tools.

Grattis - delivery of joy

In particular, he advised the Grattis partner program - a voice greeting service to the phone.

Starting to work with it is simple: it is enough to have a congratulatory (or even just entertaining) website to place an affiliate widget on it that allows the customer to choose a congratulation option on the spot, indicate the recipient's phone number and pay. Or, as an option - to embed in the site a whole ready section through which the client will be able to perform all these manipulations with even greater comfort.

By the way, as for my acquaintance - he posted promotional materials on his website with toasts (the topic was in general close to congratulatory, as it turned out later, the visitors who came for free toast to the holiday were also interested in congratulations ). On the site, he created a separate page with a finished section, well, and added to a conspicuous place through the showcase to all pages of the site.

Congratulatory affiliate program Grattis - Profit Hunter

Congratulatory affiliate program Grattis - Profit Hunter

I continue to work under this scheme to this day, and also said that I plan to try to post more Grattis thematic widgets On pages with toasts for each holiday - in principle, there is content for almost any event. For example, this is how the widget looks like for the Eighth of March:

Congratulatory affiliate program Grattis - Profit Hunter

From the very start, he began to receive 70% of sales revenue — under such conditions even one completed order turns out to be quite substantial. The screenshot shows the statistics for the week:

Congratulatory affiliate program Grattis - Profit Hunter

What else is important is an absolutely white income, the client gets what he paid for, no misunderstandings, no cheating.

How does it work

You ask, how much is all this relevant?

It turns out that this service is surprisingly in demand. Apparently, letters with postcards are becoming more and more boring, and people are looking for new ways to congratulate each other. Considering that the overwhelming majority have access to mobile communication, voice greetings from Grattis (often reaching companies with practical jokes) turn out to be most welcome.

By the way - now is a very good time to make a move in this direction. Even if the most fruitful for the holidays period of the year is coming to an end, in the very near future we are expected on March 8 - one of the most profitable holidays of the year. Experience shows that the main target audience of Grattis is women over thirty-five, and they love to congratulate each other very much.

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