Configure All In One WP Security to protect your Wordpress blog

The promoted website on the network, the mass of fans of the resource, the positive feedback from the audience - all these factors become the basis of a successful online business that brings excellent income.

The website creator is happy with his achievement, but at the most inopportune moment certain problems arise, which, as a rule, ground detractors. To protect your site from hacking, you need to find a good program that provides decent resource protection even from the most serious hacker attacks.

There are three important directions that guarantee the security of the created resource:

  1. Protection against spam.
  2. Virus protection (WordPress anti-virus protection).
  3. Protection against hacking.

We will talk about the first two directions next time, but today we will consider the question - how to protect the site from hacking?

Configure All In One WP Security to protect your Wordpress blog

How to protect from hacking a WordPress blog?

So, if your work on the Internet is associated with a WordPress blog, we suggest exploring the functionality of a fairly convenient plug-in to protect against hacking. And for users who are still unfamiliar with this resource, we suggest reading an informative article - “What is WordPress?”

There are a lot of programs on the Internet that protect websites. Why do we recommend All In One WP Security? This choice is justified by special advantages:

  • the plugin is installed free of charge;
  • an easy configuration system that allows each novice to quickly set the necessary parameters to ensure decent protection;
  • availability of the Russian version, which is especially important for residents of the Russian Federation and other CIS countries.

Configure All In One WP Security to protect your Wordpress blog

All In One WP Security

The security and protection of the site are the most important criteria for ensuring effective network operation with receiving regular income.

is an excellent plugin for this purpose, and to activate its protective function, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Before making the settings, it is advisable to back up some files (htaccess, wp-config and databases). You can do this in the plugin itself: select the "settings" folder in the admin panel and perform the save.
  2. Next, go to the control panel. A fairly convenient meter functions here, from which you can easily determine the level of site protection. If the parameters are low, the user can take some actions to improve these indicators. But we do not recommend striving to achieve the maximum level, as in such a situation there are some risks that are not entirely pleasant for the creator of the resource (the site may fall in the rating or the program will start to function with certain failures).
  3. To activate the necessary functionality that provides protection against hacking, go to the current status block.

Configure All In One WP Security to protect your Wordpress blog

General settings of the plug-in to protect WordPress

In the general settings, the user can disable the firewall, block security features, which It is important if something in the system ceases to function in the necessary mode. Here you can also create backup copies.

To hide WordPress, you must select " Remove WP Generator Metadata" and check this box. And to export personal settings, go to the tab "Import / Export", where with just two clicks you will be able to set all the necessary checkboxes.

Protection against hacking will be of sufficient quality, if you do not be lazy to change the name of the administrator. A standard profile with a simple password is easily cracked by hackers, so correctly think over the secret code and the displayed nickname. Very well, if it does not coincide with the names of other users. In any case, you can always change this information.

Special attention should be paid to the "Password" tab. This plugin has a very interesting function that allows the user to trace the speed of automatic password selection. That is, you invent a secret code, enter it into the line and see how long it will take to declassify the intended characters. This search is performed automatically. If the program quickly identifies your password, then the risks of hacking are quite high.

Configure All In One WP Security to protect your Wordpress blog

How to create a high-quality password?

  • In the secret code, be sure to use lowercase and uppercase letters, you can even in a chaotic order ;
  • the password should consist of letters and numbers;
  • for reliability, you can also add some symbols to the intended code;
  • it is also not recommended to create a password with a small number of symbols (preferably from 10 and more).

Now we check the security level of the new password. Very well, if the automatic program has identified the possibility of hacking for decades! Such protection will surely be reliable and most effective!


We proceed to the next stage of settings - "Authorization".Select "Lock" and connect this function for a certain period of time. How it works? For example, you entered the wrong password three times, after which the access will be automatically blocked for a specified period.

In the tab "Failed authorization attempts" you can view easily selectable logins. Also here you can watch the number of hacking attempts with the exact date and time.
We recommend setting the "automatic user login" setting for a specific time (for example, 600 minutes) and activate "manual approval of new registrations".

Additional site protection against hacking:

  • file protection;
  • PHP file editing - we recommend disabling editing through the admin panel, which is justified lack of the ability to use the CTRL + Z command (will not allow you to return the file to its original position);
  • protect the database (before installing, do not forget to backup);
  • you also need to put a tick in the tab " deny access to information files ", and system logs are best left as default.
  • The program has other convenient functions for the user:

  • WHOIS-search;
  • blacklist;
  • firewall (set ticks);
  • character filtering (here we recommend to remove the tick, since this function often gives a comment error);
  • we enable 5G settings;
  • Configure All In One WP Security to protect your Wordpress blog

  • it is not advisable to connect the "Internet bots" function;
  • we connect "prevent hotlinks to images" and "error detail settings" (you can for 5-10 minutes).

The next step in setting up the All In One security plug-in WP Security includes the following settings:

  1. Protection against brute-force attacks. To activate it, you need to rename the page address for the login (change to your own). You can also enable the protection function using cookies, but remember that when it is activated, you will not be able to use other devices to access the site. That is why we do not recommend setting up this mode.
  2. We also do not recommend connecting "CAPTCHA".
  3. But the “white list for login” may be useful to many, but only if you log in with one ip;
  4. The last step is to activate the honey barrel (tick).

These settings allow you to connect WordPress quality protection against brute-force attacks.

On All In One WP Security, you can also connect a "Scanner", which allows you to track any changes in files. This feature greatly facilitates the search for malicious code in case the site has been hacked.

Malware scanning connects on paid terms. Monthly payment - 7 dollars.

A very useful feature is the “maintenance mode”, which allows closing a resource for a while, which is especially convenient in situations when technical work is being done on the site.

There are other modes in the program, but their use is not particularly necessary, so we recommend limiting yourself to the settings described in our informative article! We also recommend reading:

  • WordPress Plugin MemberLux - for blogs and infobusiness;
  • How to make paid access to WordPress content?;
  • Affiliate program plugin on WordPress.

Configure All In One WP Security to protect your Wordpress blog

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