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In Moscow, March 16-17, 2009, a conference will be held on the Practice of Search Engine Promotion. NetPromoter 09. The conference organizers are NetPromoter and Searchengines. ru.

NetPromoter is a recognized leader in conducting educational activities of various formats in the field of Internet marketing - conferences, seminars, training courses. This time the organized conference is aimed at studying current trends and obtaining effective ways of search engine promotion of the resource.

According to the organizers, the conference is of a practical nature, and therefore recognized experts in their fields, who occupy practical positions in their companies, are invited as speakers. Among the announced speakers:

  • Sergey Lyudkevich, head of the Internet marketing department of the “Tekart” group. The topic of the report is “Internal factors affecting indexation and ranking”;
  • Evgeny Trofimenko, head Research and Analytics Department, RBS Corporation. The topic of the report: “Features of the Yandex Search Query Language”;
  • Anar Babayev, Director of Advertising and Marketing, Biplan. The topic of the report: “Automation of the processes of search promotion”;
  • Konstantin Leonovich, manager for work with key partners Sape. Ru. The topic of the report: “Links, nuances and peculiarities of working with them”;
  • Mikhail Raitsin, General Director of the advertising agency “Miralab”, Internet Marketing Specialist. Topic: “Alternative methods of increasing the mass of the reference mass”;
  • Denis Ivanov, AdLabs, MixMarket partner network. Biz. The topic of the report: "Conversion of various sources of traffic."

As you can see the topics of the reports are not industry-wide, but quite applied, this is done to make this event useful from the point of view of practical application.

The report is given 1. 5 hours, so the listeners will have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the current directions of search promotion, but also to get comprehensive answers to the questions. The round table that concludes the conference is intended to summarize the information received and exchange opinions again with leading experts of this market.

The cost of participation is 25 000 rubles, which in itself indicates a high level of the conference. This price is relevant until February 15, 2009. The cost of participation includes individual attendance at the conference, information package, coffee -breaks, lunches, buffet, visiting the exhibition.For participants of paid educational activities of NetPromoter company discounts are available.

Note that the number of participants is limited.

Conference details - http: // cybermarketing. com /

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