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The time of the "curves" of keywords, which are also crookedly inscribed in irrelevant texts, is gone, to the joy of copywriters and living people. Inadequate SEO optimization is being replaced by LSI technology, which makes search more reasonable. It also contributes to a global increase in attendance. With LSI copywriting, you can create content that is most relevant to search engine queries. Let's tell about everything in order.

How is LSI?

  1. Latent is latent or hidden;
  2. Semantic is semantic (m. that is related to the subject, associated with it);
  3. Indexing - indexing.

Search engines learn to analyze the hidden semantics of the text. Based on it, the pages are ranked. So, the text about cars, in which the key word “buy women's tights in Moscow” is inscribed with the required density and according to all the canons of SEO, is unlikely to take first place in the issue.

Search engines are developing intellectually: today they take into account not only the main keys, but also the surrounding context. The more words relevant to the main keyword, the better the page is ranked in the search. The density, the number of occurrences and their type (morphological, diluted, etc.) - all this is gradually becoming a thing of the past and loses its significance.

What does the introduction of LSI do to the site?

  • Improved ranking;
  • increase in attendance;
  • increase in the attractiveness of the snippet;
  • competitors ahead;
  • prospects, because LSI is the trend of the future.

The essence of LSI is not new, but today and in the future, this technology is in trend. There is an opinion that in the next few years it will replace the usual SEO text optimization.

Keywords in LSI

User requests are ambiguous. For example, the phrase "hot chocolate" can refer to both the musical group and the product. Then the words “group”, “track”, “download”, etc. should be decisive in the first case. In the second case, these are “recipes”, “how to cook”, “cocoa”. Let's enter a request to Yandex and see that not only the key is highlighted, but also the words related to the subject:

concepts and ways to search for LSI keys - Profit Hunter

Specify it by adding the word “drink” and scroll the Yandex issue page down :

concepts and ways to search for LSI keys - Profit Hunter

We will have more words. Select the appropriate and use them in the text in addition to the main keys.

Here is a more vivid example of highlighting relevant words that the user didn’t enter in a search engine, but could mean them:

concepts and ways to search for LSI keys - Profit Hunter

Later we’ll tell you about other ways to search for such additional keys.

Types of LSI keywords

  • Synonymous (s LSI ) are words that are synonyms of the main query, which should focus on optimization first. So, for a key "Japanese cars" can be synonymous: "cars from Japan", "Japanese cars", etc. Synonyms can be highlighted in the snippet of search engines. Finding them is harder than just relevant words (especially in narrow subjects or when using terms in queries), but the game is worth the candle.
  • Relevant ( rLSI ) are words related to the topic covered in the article, characterizing and complementing the main keyword. According to him, the search robot determines how well the topic is disclosed.

LSI as a powerful weapon against competitors

LSI should be used in competition. Actually, the analysis of the content of pages from TOP is based on the work of tools for collecting semantics. Here is the general algorithm of their work:

  1. the main request is taken for analysis,
  2. the text of the TOP pages is parsed;
  3. common, insignificant, irrelevant words are removed from them;
  4. a list of the most frequently used words is compiled, which are later used to create content.

Where and how to search for LSI keywords?

Some of the methods we have already touched on in the article:

  • directly in the output (highlighted words in snippets);
  • in the prompts of Yandex and Google at the bottom of the first page of the issue (for example, “Together with” Japanese cars “look for:”).

There are other methods.

  • From wordstat. Yandex. Ru. We enter the main query and see what words the users use it with. We choose those that will be relevant in the content of the page being promoted.
  • From Google Adwords. Tools Section - Keyword Scheduler - Doba type a new keyword. Set the main keyword and on the opened page on the left we drive it into the list of negative keywords.

concepts and ways to search for LSI keys - Profit Hunter

Next, go to the tab "keyword options" and see the list there. By default, it is sorted by relevance, but you can sort by the number of queries, for example (you just need to click on the column name).

concepts and ways to search for LSI keys - Profit Hunter

  • Another The way for the Google Scheduler is by the landing page. To begin with, we find competing pages from TOP on the necessary request.Copy the address of one of them, go to the scheduler and set this URL in the scheduler:

concepts and ways to search for LSI keys - Profit Hunter

Select the tab "keyword options" and find the desired list of rLSI and sLSI keywords. You can set the main query as negative keywords for convenience.

concepts and ways to search for LSI keys - Profit Hunter

Using the scheduler, we analyze at least TOP 10 competitors using these two methods, select the most frequently used words and use them to write texts.

  • The SEO shield, which collects by position, also knows how to find LSI keywords. Plus, he does it automatically. Moreover, it is able to analyze how well the text is optimized from the LSI point of view, and give advice on the inclusion of additional words in the content of the page to increase relevance. The service provides results separately for Google and for Yandex. Its only minus is payment.

Why do I need LSI copywriting if you can make texts just natural?

This question is asked on the forums. And really: is it necessary to optimize for LSI, if there is any necessary words for people in an exhaustive article?

This is the same as asking: do you need to use WordStat and other services to compile the semantic core of the site, if there is own head - a generator of ideas?

Definitely needed, because:

  • each person thinks subjectively and does not see the full picture. We cannot know the entire list of keys, because there are thousands of them on any topic, and different people ask them.
  • by inventing the text without relying on the keys, we do not see statistics. For SY, statistics are the key frequency, for LSI, the degree of relevance of words to content. Statistics show a complete picture and provide objectivity.

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