complete guide - Profit Hunter

complete guide - Profit Hunter
Every SEO specialist knows how important backlinks are. They help in improving the ranking. However, not all backlinks are equally good: some can bring big losses, especially today, in the light of the hard innovations of search engines in relation to the reference profile. When the site is pessimized, you need to have in stock a plan to restore its position.

Content of the article

  1. Bad backlinks
  2. User relationship
  3. How to determine that the site is at risk
  4. Collection all links
  5. Rating links
  6. Identification of spam links
  7. Getting rid of unwanted links
  8. Request to Google

In this article we will look at bad links and methods for getting rid of them. But for a start, we will provide some basic information for those who are "not in the subject."

Bad backlinks

Practitioners using spamming external optimization methods may try to deceive modern algorithms, but their sites will not survive for a long time.

When the search engine detects that you are sinning by placing bad backlinks, it immediately takes appropriate measures to pessimize the acceptor site or completely remove it.

However, a poor-quality reference profile can be obtained without even wanting it. The site can do competitors. They place spam links on third-party resources in order to remove the unwanted website from the Top positions and take its place.

User Attitude

Punishing websites that are driven by unnatural backlinks is a common practice. Search engines are interested in the positive attitude of users to them. It is formed through the most relevant search, therefore, PS employees constantly work to ensure that only worthy Internet resources that deserve the primacy appear in the TOP.

If the SEO man tries to manipulate the search algorithms to obtain priority positions that the site actually does not deserve, the issue is not user friendly. This is bad for the search engine, as it loses credibility (and profit), and for the person requesting information.

The solution to this problem is to lower or exclude from the issue those who play by the rules.

How to determine if a site is at risk

Just go to Google Webmaster Tools, find “Search Traffic” in the left navigation bar and you will see the “Manual Actions” tab ( “Measures taken manually.”) Ideally, a message should appear that no spam was detected. Otherwise, the site has problems.

complete guide - Profit Hunter

There are three types of measures taken By Google, with respect to unnatural links:

  • leading to the site;
  • outgoing;
  • incoming links that affect the issue.

It is with regard to the latter that Google takes action. In his recommendations, he answers that he is against the bad links themselves, and not the site to which they lead. Nevertheless, search engine staff hints that it would be nice to save the site profile from them. And, although Google gives some recommendations for cleaning up the Internet -resource from external spam, everything turns out to be not so simple.

Next, we post a detailed manual for getting rid of bad backlinks. If you do all the work correctly, then in the Webmaster Tools “Manual Measures” and your site will cease to be a pessie ization.

Collect all links

To get a complete list, you can export it from Webmaster Tools, use Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer and SEMrush. As soon as you do this, you will see your maximum full reference profile. If you used the services of CEOs of companies or optimizers, ask them for a link building report. This will save some time and find other links that you have not noticed.

Evaluation of links

Now, run the entire list through Screaming Frog or Xenu's Link Sleuth. Check out pages that do not return HTTP status 200 ok, and get rid of them. We need only those who survived.

In addition, remove all URLs of pages that have no outgoing links at all. This will significantly reduce the time spent, especially if your list is very large.

Detection of spam links

If there are 500 - 1000 links in the list after the cleaning, review them and determine which of them are considered bad. Look for sites that:

  • do not have compelling reasons to link to you;
  • do not match in topic;
  • contain content in another language;
  • are poorly ranked in search;

Pay attention to links that contain a commercial anchor. They will not necessarily be spam, but may be the starting point for further research.

If you have more than 1000 backlinks detected, use tools like Link Detox. It identifies "bad" donors.Note, however, that a program of about 10 percent of normal links may be considered harmful. Therefore, at the end of the analysis, go through the list of bad backlinks found by this tool and check them with your hands.

Getting rid of unwanted links

Possible in the following ways:

  • We remove it ourselves. If you have access to such links (for example, in profiles with your login / password), you can remove them on your own.
  • We hire someone. Look for people on freelance exchanges or contact the seo studio.
  • We send messages to webmasters asking them to remove the link. You may have to pay for the removal. Someone will do it for free. In most cases, you will have to send 3 letters to each of the site owners. They will remove backlinks or not, in any case, record your attempts in writing. Google may need this information if you request a review of your situation with links.

Request to Google

Well, you did everything you could to remove all the bad links. If they are not left at all, the lifting of the sanctions should pass easily. If not, it will be more difficult.

In general, Google wants to see that you have been working for months to get rid of unwanted backlinks. 80-100 percent of them should be removed. Usually, the staff of the PS are in position, if some copies to remove failed. But if their significant part still exists, it is worthwhile to continue the work.

Remaining links that have not been cleaned can be eliminated with this tool. It will be necessary to upload the list in the Google txt file. Note that just to drive there all the links - not an option. You must first work on their removal, and send everything that you couldn’t remove to this tool.

complete guide - Profit Hunter

complete guide - Profit Hunter

Next, submit a request to Google with information about which links you deleted and an explanation about those that could not be removed. PS employees will want to hear the following:

  • You have been working hard,
  • you have spent an enormous amount of time working on the project,
  • all harmful links have disappeared (or almost all);
  • if they are still alive, then why;
  • you will no longer be like that;
  • you are very sorry that you didn’t behave;
  • in the end, you can shed a little bit - it doesn't hurt.

How long will it take to carry out the stripping? Each case is individual. You can cope in 3 weeks or devote months to a fight.

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