Competition for Golden Mines with a prize fund of 16,000 rubles

Proven economic games can bring a lot of money, and their participants need not only to find a good starting capital and not forget to visit their profile.

To reach really high profits, you need to attract referrals. In this case, interest is calculated, and you also become a participant in the referral contest.

The competition for a prize fund of 16,000 rubles is another reason to register in this profitable game. The total prize fund is distributed among the three leaders, and from 4th to 10th place, the winners receive silver, which is necessary for the development of their profile and increase profits.

Competition for Golden Mines with a prize fund of 16,000 rubles

Attract players to Golden Mines and win money

The project Golden Mines is already running 435 days and during this time almost 50,000 users managed to register in the game. Total payments exceed 1. 7 million rubles, and the fund of this project is close to 3 million rubles. You can get some of this money if you create a profile here and start playing.

At the start, you need to invest money in this game, a 200% bonus will be added to the amount. If you replenish by 500 rubles, you get 2 purple gnomes, and if you deposit more than 1500 rubles, then you get 1 blue gnome.

The main earnings of Golden Mines are hiring gnomes who mine ore. This resource should be taken to the warehouse and then sold. The resulting silver is withdrawn from the game on an electronic wallet, there is nothing complicated, and the cheapest gnomes cost just 1 ruble. But you can start without money, using an affiliate program.

Be the first and get 8000 rubles

All users participate in the referrals contest. Under the terms of the affiliate program, you get 30% from the deposits of invited participants, as well as one red gnome. To attract issued affiliate link and different banners.

As already mentioned, there are 10 prize places in the contest with the following awards:

Competition for Golden Mines with a prize fund of 16,000 rubles

You will need not only to invite a lot of participants, but also to convince them to do as much as possible contributions. The winner is determined by the number of points, and each ruble invested by the referral brings 1 point:

Competition for Golden Mines with a prize fund of 16,000 rubles

At the moment, the leaderboard looks like this, but the counter is reset every month and everyone has a chance to win the same.

If you replenish the balance with 5000 rubles and more, you will receive VIP status and free referrals will be attached to you, this increases the chances of winning.

Earnings on the Internet at competitions, is an excellent alternative to and can bring good money . Of course, you have to work hard to attract a lot of referrals.

Use several methods at once - social networks, advertising in ezines, forums, tasks on mailers (including foreign ones) and you will definitely be able to beat the competition.

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