Competent buying public Vkontakte, what is the price public?

Social networks are best suited not only for having a good time, but also for investing money.

How? You can buy a public or group, and then do their development and monetization. The most important thing is to make a competent purchase, otherwise your expenses may be wasted.

What does the competent buying of the Vkontakte public mean? This means that after it is completed, you will receive a high-quality platform from which it will be possible to allocate profit. There are a lot of offers to buy and sell such communities on the Internet, but you can't hurry, you need to learn how to evaluate such a “product”.

Competent buying public Vkontakte, what is the price public?

Buying Communities, as a contribution of money

Before you start searching for a public to buy, you need to decide how to monetize .

What are the options?

  • direct advertisers;
  • affiliate programs;
  • sales of goods and provision of services;
  • promotion of your own site;
  • use of advertising exchanges.

Based on the method of monetization, you will be able to choose the themes of the community. Do not forget that first of all Vkontakte groups attract attention with the originality of posts, therefore it may not be advisable to choose topics like "Finishing work", they are unlikely to be able to gather a large audience.

What to look for when buying a public?

The most important thing is the number of participants in the group. So that you have more opportunities to earn money in public, try to look for communities with a daily attendance of more than 20,000 users. These are the requirements that are set on the official advertising exchange, and given the prices on it, this is the most profitable way to make money.

Be sure to ask the community seller to open the statistics so that you can read it. Pay attention to data on the target audience:

Competent buying public Vkontakte, what is the price public?

Another equally important indicator is the geographical position of the participants:

Competent buying public Vkontakte, what is the price public?

The target audience should be determined in advance, it helps to use monetization more efficiently.

Also, when studying statistics, pay attention to the development of the public. If you see that the main development (most of all participants, increased activity) was observed recently, it was most likely a presale cheat. Twisted groups are not needed, so choose the public with more natural indicators.

Where else can you monetize public books?

  1. is a large advertising exchange.
  2. is an advertising exchange with auto-hosting functionality.
  3. Admitad is an affiliate network.
  4. ActionPay is a network of affiliate programs.

These services should already be enough for you to get impressive profits from your group. In addition, having a developed community, you will constantly receive offers from direct advertisers.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we have not considered the most important question “For how much to buy a public?”, Because here it is impossible to advise something. It is necessary to individually evaluate each site, and the estimated cost can be calculated, 1 subscriber - 40-50 kopecks.

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