Comparative review of crowd-link services - Profit Hunter

Comparative review of crowd-link services - Profit Hunter

Crowd links (from English crowd - crowd, crowd of people) - these are links that are non-advertising (often - advisory) in nature and are aimed at increasing brand awareness, receiving targeted traffic, improving behavioral factors and, as a result, the site's visibility in search results. They are left, as a rule, with profiles of ordinary people on sites with open commenting: on forums, question-and-answer services, etc.

With the advent of search engine filters for purchase links topic crowd marketing literally blew up the internet. Services that offer posting services on forums on behalf of potential and real customers began to appear. Successful cases have already appeared on promoting websites and online businesses using crowd-linking, webinars are held on this topic, expert articles are being written.

Profithunter is not far behind the trend: we are testing different services, and today we present a comparative review of several such sites using two criteria - price and placement method.


Linkbuilder Review.

Cost of accommodation: 199 p. for crowd link.

Placement Method. First, at Linkbildere, sites are selected that are suitable for the customer’s site. Then they select suitable (discussed, live) topics for commenting and leave a message with a link with a profile that has been pre-pumped. Profile pumping can take up to several weeks, so the placement process is quite long. When placing crowd posts, the request for promotion and the geography of the business (promotion region) are taken into account. The references are given a 3-month warranty: if it is removed during this period, then another one is put in place.

Placement Example:

Comparative review of crowd-link services - Profit Hunter


CrowdLinks Overview.

Cost of placement: from 9 000 rubles for 50 links. For an inactive link - 150 rubles, for an active link - 175.

Method of placement. To get started, you must specify the following data, which will then be used by the performers in the work:

  • requests for near-syllable texts;
  • geography of promotion;
  • URL of target pages;
  • required type of backlinks (with and without anchor);
  • information about desired donors (subject, amount of traffic, TIC, etc.).

After specifying this data, the specialists proceed to the selection of sites for publication and begin placing links. On Crowdlinks. ru there are several types of backlinks:

  • clickable (anchor, non-anchor);
  • from social networks;
  • links with anchor to the brand;
  • non-clickable ;
  • from Wikipedia.

The service is new, it has been working since 2015, and judging by the reviews on the Internet, the quality of the links here is not the best: there are posts with frankly direct advertising.

Placement example:

Comparative review of crowd-link services - Profit Hunter

Sape Crowd

Sape crowd service overview.

Not so long ago, Sape also joined crowd-marketing. Let's see what came of it.

Cost of accommodation : 40.73 rubles for one link.

Placement Method. Service staff are looking for discussions regarding the business being promoted. Then they connect to the conversation and leave 1 or more messages on the site. Crowd links are placed chaotically: either to the main one or to the internal one, to the choice of the performer (which url he considers most appropriate). Types of backlinks can also not be chosen independently: be it nofollow, redirect, or anything else - sites are selected without taking this moment into account. All links are put without anchor or with anchor on the brand, name or domain of the site. At the same time, they are put down for quite a long time: this week we only had 1 link posted.

Example of placement.

Comparative review of crowd-link services - Profit Hunter

For the other services described below, we do not have examples of link placement.


Accommodation cost : the minimum order is 200 y. E. For 50 links. Pretty expensive service, but the fact that it exists since 2013, suggests that their promotion strategy may work. However, to know for sure, you need to test it.

Placement Method. To start cooperation, the webmaster is invited to clearly describe the objectives of the project in a special application form.

Information about the website that the customer must indicate:

  • website,
  • promotion region,
  • project merits,
  • order quantity,
  • terms of reference (this may include a list of url and promoted requests to them).

After filling out the form, the service staff will contact the customer to discuss the nuances, after which you must make a 50% prepayment. Crowning links are guaranteed for only 1 week, during which, in case of deletion, the contractor undertakes to replace the link with another.


Many people know this service as a freelance exchange for ordering and purchasing articles.You can also order the publication of feedback / comments on your task. To create it, in the drop-down field "Type of work" you need to specify the following:

Comparative review of crowd-link services - Profit Hunter

Cost of placement: you specify yourself, the minimum is 0.02 y. e.

Placement Method . You can give a detailed description of the order at your own discretion, describe the nature of the posts (feedback, question, answer, etc.), make detailed recommendations for the contractor. In this case, Advego is only an intermediary between you and the contractor, and not the service that regulates the work of the latter. You yourself control the fulfillment of assignments, send for revision, etc. That is, it takes more time to place crowd links and the correctness of fulfillment depends largely on the quality of the terms of reference and cost. Plus, there are no guarantees that the link will last for a long time and will not disappear in a week - and this will also have to be taken into account when setting the price.


This service can be indirectly called a crowd-linking tool (like Advego), since it was originally conceived as a service for performing tasks in social networks and other sites. However, it can also be used for the purpose of conducting a crowd marketing campaign.

Cost of accommodation. You install it yourself, but there are minimum recommended prices. For example, for posts on forums they are:

Comparative review of crowd-link services - Profit Hunter

The placement method is . You post the task with a detailed description. There are flexible filters for the sites themselves (for example, for forums - TIC and PR indicators, the number of registered profiles, etc.), and for performers (the minimum number of messages for a forumchan).

Comparative review of crowd-link services - Profit Hunter

There are other crowd marketing services, for example, from the “fresh” - crowd-market. ru, kraud-marketing. ru. Most likely, they will appear more and more, since this topic is flourishing today. The question is only in the quality of placement: will the posts really work to increase attendance and loyalty, or will they become expensive spam wrapped in a beautiful wrapper called “crowd-links”?

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