Communication with the client, how to write a letter to the client?

Visiting various forums where freelancers and employers gather, I noticed that many customers, leaving comments about the need to use the services of freelancers, leave an email address as contacts.

Given this, every remote worker who wants to start work will be forced to send a letter to the client and depending from its effectiveness, the chances of a response increase. How to write a letter to the client?

Communication with the client, how to write a letter to the client?

Communication with the client

It depends on how well the offer of your services is made, whether you receive the order or not.

Newbies often write like "Ready to perform", such messages will not exactly hook the client. It is necessary to competently make an appeal, there are too many performers, so try to beat the competition.

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Want to send an email and get a positive response? To do this, you will need to follow the following recommendations:

  1. For the customer to become interested in your candidacy, be sure to provide him with examples of your work. If you want to receive an order, then take the initiative in your own hands and proceed with the implementation of actions. Finished work can positively influence his decision, because in this way he will be convinced of your professionalism.
  2. To send a letter to the customer, do not use template expressions, but individually approach each potential employer. In the text, use his name, greeting, indicate where you found information about his order, and what work you are ready to do.

Of course, you will lose some time to compile such information, but you will significantly influence its decision. I would also like to say about the need to provide a detailed explanation of each process, this will emphasize your professionalism.

  1. In the process of writing a letter, be sure to check it for errors . Grammatical, semantic, punctuation errors, each of the flaws in the text of your letter can cause a refusal to use your services. Why? Yes, because every employer wants to cooperate with competent specialists.

Communication with the client, how to write a letter to the client?

  1. To draw attention to the letter, use non-standard topics . Discard the "Order" or "Freelance", be creative, but at the same time do not forget that everything should be in the official form.
  2. Put yourself in the shoes of a client and think what would interest you exactly? You can remember which letters you once answered to take them as an example.
  3. Pay attention of the client not to how you are doing the work, but to general trends. For example, if site optimization is proposed, tell us that now search engine filters have become more thoughtful, so the quality of links should be high. Show him your professionalism.
  4. Experienced advertisers know that it is necessary not only to grab attention with headlines, but also to keep it. To do this, you need to make out the body of the letter beautifully. Use HTML, images and infographics, as well as format the text itself.
  5. As in the selling text, you need to add a call to action in the letter. At the end of the letter, add a link and write something like "Order now", "Submit an application" and so on.
  6. Never use "many letters". Few people like to waste time reading a huge letter. Spread the very essence of the most meaningful. Do not overload the potential client with information.
  7. Professionals always write down the contact details of their clients and then launch the newsletter. Remember that people can not be bothered either, because of this they can simply add letters to spam. The best option is to send letters 3 times a month.
  1. You can add questions to the message text to make the recipient respond. For example, you would like to promote your site, to conduct a powerful advertising campaign, and so on.
  1. The letter will not be superfluous list of additional services. For example, a copywriter may offer correction of texts, optimization of finished pages, or writing sales articles.
  1. The last item is a mandatory indication of contact details. People use various means to provide communication, Skype, email, ICQ and more.

It would be ideal if you presented to your client a complete list of various contacts, thanks to which you can be contacted. Also among the contacts, specify your name, surname and position, for example, "freelancer - designer".

Employers are in search of a quality employee who is able to competently perform the necessary functions.Go to writing a letter to the client responsibly, and in this case, you will be able to create an effective appeal that will help you to approve your candidacy for the position of performer.

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